Campus protests spread like wildfire across the country as tense situation escalates, on the brink of riots

The rapidly escalating campus protests are careening toward a sequel to the summer of 2020 as activist students and law enforcement are on a collision course at numerous colleges.

Activists and naive college students sucked into the pro-Palestinian cause are clashing with police as they occupy college buildings and issue lists of unrealistic demands with the protests which are being fueled by outside agitators who seem to have a larger agenda than forcing an Israeli ceasefire.

What began as a demand for Columbia University to divest itself from Israel over the war in Gaza has spread across the country much like the violent race riots after the death of George Floyd, a drug-addicted career criminal who perished while resisting arrest and was turned into a martyr figure by the left.

Thousands of miles away from Columbia, another hotspot in what is increasingly looking like an anti-American intifada has sprung up at UCLA where protesters were confronted by police in riot gear who attempted to dismantle their encampment after they refused orders to disperse after clashes between protesters broke out.

(Video: Fox News)

Video of the tense situation has been posted to the X platform showing the standoff at the Los Angeles campus as police moved in but later withdrew.

In another sign of outside influence, the UCLA protesters have armed themselves with improvised shields, the same type that were seen being used by Antifa in 2020.

Police pulled back early Thursday morning, likely only further emboldening the mob. Classes have been called off on Thursday and Friday as the unrest continues to percolate.

Back on the east coast, law enforcement made some progress at Columbia, the epicenter of the uprising, when they liberated Hamilton Hall from the criminals who invaded and occupied it, arresting over 100 people.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams blamed “outside agitators” for the problems on campus.

“There were individuals on the campus who should not have been there. They were people who are professionals and we saw evidence of training,” said Adams, a retired police officer.

The situation is volatile, just waiting for the spark that ignites the Summer of Love II.

Chris Donaldson


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