Jean-Pierre dances to duck Doocy’s question about anti-Jewish protests

Understandably, the White House is sensitive about the campus intifada considering that Americans are getting a good look at the Democrats’ anti-American, Jew-hating base in an election year.

That’s probably why White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was so evasive when grilled by reporter Peter Doocy during Wednesday’s daily briefing, dancing like the proverbial cat on a hot tin roof to avoid giving a straight answer.

The Fox News bulldog who has been one of the only adversarial reporters during the Biden years accused the elderly career politician of being missing in action as far as condemning the raging campus anti-Semitism that even CNN now is likening to 1930s Europe.

“I understand that President Biden has historically spoken very forcefully about anti-Semitism, but this week, he’s not. He’s MIA. Is he that worried about losing the youth vote with these protesters?” Doocy asked.

“I’m going to be mindful, you’re talking about youth vote, you’re talking about 2024,” she responded, with Doocy clarifying that meant the “Support of young people.”

“No, no, no, no. I…I…I…I have to say what I have to say and just give me a second,” she stammered. “Uh, so, I’m not going to speak about a doorbell, is that somebody’s doorbell? Ok. and I …I’ll speak more broadly. I can’t speak to youth people, youth and support and voters. That’s not something I can do from here.”

“The President has taken a lot of policy actions here that he knows that young people care about and a lot of those actions are popular with those young folks, whether it’s giving a little bit of breathing room with student debt relief, so we made announcement today, matter of fact, and we are going to continue to do that, because we think it’s important as families or as an American and you coming out of college and you wanna build a family by home, uh you have the opportunity to do that and not be crushed by student debt,” she rambled on.

“The President understands how important it is to deal with that issue. Climate change — something that young people really truly care about. One of the crises that the President said he came into having to deal with was the climate change crisis. This is a President that has taken more — has taken aggressive, aggressive action to deal with the climate crisis,” she continued, “You know, look, I can’t speak to — um — I can’t speak to youth voters or their support, but we’re going to do continue to take actions that we believe helps all Americans and all communities.”

What Jean-Pierre didn’t do was answer Doocy’s question about whether Biden is reluctant to speak about the young anarchists considering he’s already in deep hummus with Muslims over Gaza, especially in Michigan.

Biden’s spox was also clearly uncomfortable by Doocy’s questions about where the funding is coming from for the protests, which like the summer of 2020 when Black Lives Matter and Antifa ran amok, has the look of being coordinated and the Fox News reporter brought up the tents.

“Some of these encampments, they had matching tents we’re being told, that there are professional outside agitators involved. We don’t know if they’re being paid to sow chaos by domestic folks or foreign entities. Does President Biden want his administration to find out who is funding some of these protests?” Doocy asked.

“What I can say is—you know, um … I cannot uh … I cannot speak to the organizations that are being reported that are on the ground. That is not something for me to speak to. That is obviously something for local governments—local officials—I keep saying local governments, local officials going to speak to. They’ll have better information on that,” she said, again avoiding a direct answer.

Doocy’s employer seems to be on the track of where the money’s coming from even if the White House doesn’t seem too interested in getting to the bottom of it for some reason.

Even more than her skin color and sexual orientation, what makes Jean-Pierre so valuable to Biden is that she will always cover for him and on Wednesday, she was in rare form.

Chris Donaldson


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