Harsh reality of ESG investments: ‘Companies that remain neutral … outperform companies that lean left’

In the world of finance where results are the key to success, it would seem a straightforward concept to maintain a profit-driven business mo. But with globalist, […]

Biden admin’s reaction to ticking US bank time bomb, ‘no cost to taxpayers’ uses economic theory known as ‘magic’

As Silicon Valley Bank and Signature banks collapsed this week, the FDIC proclaimed it would make all depositors whole in what appears to be a bailout to […]

Marriott ramps up legal dispute with Michael Irvin, reveals woman’s accusations against NFL great

Pro football Hall of Famer Michael Irvin is currently embroiled in a legal battle against Marriott, the hotel company, over allegations of harassment. The battle pertains to […]

New study estimates taxpayers on the hook for $151B in illegal immigration costs

Democrats are quick to point to the economic benefits of illegal immigration, beginning with the claim that those in the United States illegally often pay taxes yet […]

HelloFresh caves to PETA pressure, nixes coconut milk from Thailand over monkey slave labor accusations

Meal kit provider HelloFresh has caved to pressure from PETA and is dropping coconut milk from Thailand after the animal rights organization accused farms there of chaining […]

Ex-CNN chief Jeff Zucker considered lab leak theory a ‘Trump talking point’, ordered staff to steer clear

The propagandists’ mantra to “trust the experts” was caught in the throes of a long overdue reality check after a report on the COVID lab leak theory […]

NPR boosts mobile billboards on college campuses selling abortion pills ‘delivered to your door’

To celebrate Women’s History Month, one 501(c)(3) “education nonprofit” organization is flooding conservative states and college campuses with mobile billboards touting the availability of abortion pills, “even […]

Illinois police say Volkswagen refused to help track stolen car with abducted toddler inside until fee paid

According to the Lake County Sheriff’s office, Volkswagen refused to help police search for an abducted two-year-old in a stolen Atlas SUV until someone forked over an […]

Dilbert creator invokes ‘Pence Rule’ to double down on when ‘you should absolutely be racist’

Dilbert creator Scott Adams is doubling-down on being racist in what is either the most brilliant act of social commentary since the death of Andy Kaufman or […]

Chick-fil-A accused of ‘going woke’ for offering a new sandwich

Fast food chain Chick-fil-A unveiled a new sandwich in select markets Monday, and customers who sampled the “we” offering were left with questions like, “Why is cauliflower […]

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