Chick-fil-a cancels volunteer program after fierce backlash. Turns out it’s illegal to use food as reward.

A gimmick to acquire help at a North Carolina fast food restaurant was canceled after they faced massive backlash for their alleged “highly illegal” volunteer promotion. Chick-fil-a […]

American Airlines passengers trapped on sweltering plane for SIX hours; no AC, no food, no drink service

Flying is a necessary means of travel for many people, and that means inevitably dealing with delays, cancellations and other unfortunate situations, but what if you were […]

Amazon buys up primary health care company

Max Keating, DCNF Amazon announced that it will be acquiring One Medical, a self-described “human-centered, technology-powered national primary care organization,” for $3.9 billion in a press release […]

Supply chain woes could worsen thanks to California law, truckers threaten to block ports amid protests

America’s supply chain woes may soon worsen thanks to a disastrous California law, AB5, that threatens to destroy the state’s entire trucking industry. Since Monday, California truckers […]

Disney sued by former employees for vaccine, mask requirements on grounds of religious discrimination

The Walt Disney Company and its subsidiary, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, are being sued by three former employees for religious discrimination after allegedly being fired for […]

Patrons ‘closing their accounts en masse’ after bank tells critics of pronoun badges to buzz off

Lest you think the war against the “woke” is constrained to the United States, Britons are teaching banking giant Halifax to be careful what it wishes for […]

In ‘woke’ virtue-signaling, Google informs employees they can relocate to abortion-friendly states

Google has become the latest woke company to virtue signal its dismay over the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, with a staff-wide email reminding […]

Musk asks if TikTok ‘destroying civilization’ amid reports China-based app accessing US user data

Elon Musk, with very few words, sparked yet another social media storm on Friday when he asked users on Twitter if TikTok would be society’s downfall. “Is […]

Who’s in, who’s out? New CNN chief reportedly monitoring talent unable to adapt to neutral direction

It comes as no surprise that amid reports of the possibility of ousting partisan talent at CNN, Brian Stelter and Jim Acosta are among the first names […]

Not lovin’ it: McDonald’s faces backlash for woke diversity, equity, inclusion assessment

McDonald’s is facing backlash for fully embracing the left’s widely criticized “diversity, equity and inclusion” (DEI) agenda, a move that critics suspect will lead to even more […]

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