Massachusetts leftists demand state flag, seal be changed over ‘white supremacy culture’ in new resolution

Leftist residents in Newburyport, Massachusetts are demanding that the City Council replace the state flag and seal with something progressive because they are offended by it […]

‘It’s inexcusable’: Buttigieg accused of ‘hiding’ details on 23 taxpayer-funded jet trips amid IG probe

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg can’t catch a break. Former President Donald Trump bullies him into going to a toxic farm town in the middle of flyover country, […]

FBI calls for return of four Americans assaulted and kidnapped soon after entering Mexico

The latest reminder that Mexico can be a dangerous place for Americans played out late last week with the apparent kidnapping of four U.S. citizens. The U.S. […]

‘Nobody would vote for you anyways’: Larry Hogan announces he will not run in 2024 GOP ‘pileup’

Former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan cares deeply about the Republican Party. He cares about the Party than he does about his own future. So, in what […]

‘Please look at me!’ Male ‘Squad’ member’s desperate dig at DeSantis earns Twitter scorn

Democrats are leaning into the completely bogus narrative that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is banning bos, yet another “Big Lie” that has largely gotten traction from a […]

Pelosi heckled in San Francisco: ‘Nancy, is your son involved with Hunter Biden?’

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got a taste of her own party’s notorious behavior while grabbing a drink at a San Francisco restaurant this Saturday. Specifically, a […]

‘Lying to your face’: Team DeSantis responds to CBS claim that Fla. may ban book over black character

One of the most visible characteristics of the modern day political left is their willingness to lie as a first resort, most often by wrapping their falsehoods […]

Fmr White House doctor blasts ‘alarming’ Biden physical results; ‘The cover-up needs to end’

President Joe Biden has completed his annual physical with his doctor pronouncing the 80-year-old Democrat to be “healthy” and “vigorous” and “fit to successfully execute the duties […]

Harris: ‘The United States has formally determined that Russia has committed crimes against humanity’

The United States has determined that, in its invasion of Ukraine, the Russian military has committed “crimes against humanity.” Vice President Kamala Harris made the announcement while […]

Biden’s brother Jim hired to broker $140M Saudi deal because of relationship to then-VP Joe, docs show

Newly revealed affidavits have alleged that then-Vice President Joe Biden’s brother James Biden used “his position and relationship” with his older sibling to brer a $140 million […]

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