Life got in the way: Chappelle shares regret over not answering friend Bob Saget’s final text to him

The death of comedian Bob Saget was a sudden event that took even his closest friends and family by surprise, including Dave Chappelle who admitted that he had been too busy to respond to the last text he would ever receive from him.

During a performance on Thursday, Chappelle told the crowd that Saget had texted him before his death, but unfortunately, life got in the way.

“Man, he just texted me and I saw the text yesterday and never texted him back because I was just busy,” the comedian said. “Yeah, it happens. I’m just saying this to remind you: these moments are precious.”


During his set, he also touched on the LGBTQ community’s response to some jokes he made in his last stand-up special.

“The new me is not going to do any of those transphobic bigoted jokes,” he said, probably joking but who knows. When someone in the crowd yelled “f**k ’em, Dave!” the comedian responded that he doesn’t want war.

“I’m gonna tell you something else, I am not in battle with the transgender community — that’s ridiculous. I do not blame the Ls, the Bs, the Gs or the Ts … blame the Jews! Somebody else’s fault,” he snarked.

According to TMZ, Chappelle had been close friends with Saget for some time, even opting to hold fundraisers for people with Scleroderma, a disease from which Saget’s own sister died at 47.

Additionally, the star noted that he is noticing stars around him passing away more and more often.

“All of my peers are older than me,” he said.

Sierra Marlee


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