Cheerleader controversy continues after on-court spat with player ends in mid-game drama

In a twist that gives new meaning to the term “March Madness,” a collegiate cheerleader was captured on video calling out a player on the opposing team who was allegedly talking smack.

The footage shows the cheerleader confronting the player on the bench along with a woman believed to be her coach.

St. Bonaventure University cheerleader Hannah Koning was directing her ire toward Jordan Nesbitt, a freshman guard for Saint Louis, during the Atlantic 10 men’s basketball tournament last Friday.

Koning responded to the video above to say, “This was after he looked me dead in the eyes, an innocent cheerleader, and told me to “shut the f*** up b****” embarrassing.”

According to Mid-Major Madness, Nesbitt “had been chirping the Bonaventure cheerleaders all game, calling them disgusting names,” and apparently not having his fill of abusing cheerleaders, reportedly “came up at the end of the game and said some more.”

While Nesbitt’s team ultimately won the game, in addition to not scoring with the cheerleading squad he also failed to score after playing 34 minutes, and had just 5 rebounds.

The player recently tweeted: “Praying to God, that I can beat all the odds.”

It does not appear that Nesbitt was disciplined over the allegations, though it’s not clear if Saint Louis took any action.

Koning retweeted a reply from a fellow cheerleading teammate saying “nothing gets done” after Nesbitt started in Saint Louis’ next game against Davidson University on Saturday — for what it’s worth, Saint Louis was eliminated from the tournament with the 89-64 semi-final loss in that game.

Tom Tillison


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