‘Clowns!’ Mika invites fearful viewers to ‘Therapy with Hillary’ as Trump’s court trials implode

“Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski once again drooled all over herself, pandering to Hillary Clinton and her proffered “therapy session” to the nation to help cope with imagined “fear” of former President Trump.

It’s worth noting that Clinton was the driving force behind the now-debunked Russia collusion hoax weaponized against Trump. Now, she has switched tactics for the upcoming 2024 presidential election, hilariously intimating that the entire nation lives in fear of the former president.

Clinton joined Brzezinski and actress/composer Shaina Taub, who has created a Broadway musical called Suffs, of which Clinton is the producer. The conversation, of course, turned to something more interesting… Trump.

“I’d like to call this part of this segment ‘Therapy with Hillary,’ if I may, because she needs another role, therapist. I know a lot of people ask you this question so I want to ask you for our viewers about not just abortion, which I’ll get to in a moment, and women’s rights, but about former President Donald Trump who is in criminal court in New York City for this hush money thing,” Brzezinski said kicking off the hate-fest.

(Video Credit: MSNBC)

“Meanwhile the documents case is delayed, meanwhile Georgia, what’s going on here — everything seems to be delayed and moving down the road and there are even those who argue this Manhattan case is not as big, it’s not serious, and he might get off anyway or not,” she continued.

“How do people manage, especially people who really love this democracy, who take it seriously, who take the words you just said on our show very seriously, that you can’t just sit back and let democracy come to you, that this is every day something we all must work on together — what do you say to people when they ask you about the former president, these trials, and these delays, and the fear that they feel about the upcoming election?” the co-host asked Clinton teeing up yet another attack on Trump.

The lengthy, scripted opening paved the way for Clinton to rail against the former president with expert and frankly stunning deflection.

“Mika, I’m happy to go to therapy with you anytime because clearly the pressure and the stress on our system, our country, our Constitution, our future is so intense for those of us who understand what’s at stake and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way to others,” Clinton stated.

Clinton alluded to Trump being an existential threat to democracy, then accused the Supreme Court of doing a “grave disservice” to the country by not stripping Trump of his presidential immunity.

“The Supreme Court is doing our country a grave disservice in not deciding the case about immunity,” she contended.

She’s also incensed over the indefinite delay of Trump’s classified documents case in Florida. The former secretary of state’s frustration with Trump not being persecuted was quite apparent.

When co-host Joe Scarborough got tired of not being the center of attention and jumped into the conversation, he proclaimed that the “therapy session” was officially “over.”

“No, I need more,” Brzezinski laughed.

Clinton went on to push President Biden for re-election even if voters were “not ecstatic” about him while painting Trump as “dangerous.”

“When people ask me about the Biden-Trump race, my answer is very clear: we have two old candidates. One is, yes, old and effective, has passed legislation that I think is going to put America on such a strong footing for the future, is compassionate, cares about people, tries hard to make the right decisions, and they are complicated,” she said. “The other is old and dangerous. I mean, why is that a hard choice for people?”

Users on X were not in the least surprised by Clinton’s Trump Derangement Syndrome:


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