‘Completely fed up’: Biden not exactly welcomed to Chicago with open arms, protesters fill streets

President Joe Biden’s appearance in Chicago this Wednesday triggered loud, belligerent protests from anti-Israel zealots.

“A trip to Chicago for a fundraiser with wealthy donors for President Joe Biden spurred protests that snarled rush hour traffic in the Loop Wednesday afternoon,” local station WMAQ reported.

“A group of protesters led by the Chicago Coalition for Justice in Palestine gathered in the Loop voicing displeasure over Biden’s visit, calling on the president to halt all U.S. aid to Israel amid the seven-month old Israel-Hamas war,” according to the station.

The Loop is a central business district and main section of downtown Chicago.

Watch some footage of the protests below:

Seen here, one video from the protests shows an obese woman calling the police the KKK and asking, “Tell me, does Joe Biden deserve a peaceful day in his miserable life?”

Meanwhile, on Wednesday two black Chicago residents, P-Rae Easley and Betty Guider, appeared on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends First” to share their frustration with the Democrat Party.

“The city is completely fed up with the Democratic Party,” Easley said. “We are stepping over illegals every day. They are now trying to break into people’s homes. Gas is through the roof, groceries are through the roof, violence is up. Nothing is comfortable here under Democratic leadership. We’re all moving on.”

Guider concurred, adding that, while blacks have always leaned toward the Democrat Party, the party has in recent years stopped trying to appeal to them.

“So many of our black members have decided to change over, to switch from blue to red,” she said. “And I think it’s kind of too late now to come to Chicago to appeal to us. It’s nothing here for him. We are fed up.”

By “him,” she meant dear leader Biden.

Listen to her and Easley below:

Easley, for her part, expects former President Donald Trump to attract more votes in the 2024 race, despite President Biden having won the city in a landslide four years ago.

“I think that they’re definitely going to vote for Donald Trump, because we can’t afford to keep subsidizing the illegals who are coming here,” she said. “People are proudly stating that they’re going to vote for the first time in their lives, and they’re going to run to the polls to vote for Donald John Trump.”

According to Guider, it’s especially annoying the way the city is rushing out to support criminal aliens but doing nothing for locals.

“Our school system here, particularly in the black community, has suffered tremendously,” she said. “Our students are leaving our communities to go to other schools. The crime rate is still very high here.”

“So many things that money could have been used for. And as a people here, we’ve been told that we have no money. There is no money for Chicago citizens here. But now all of a sudden, monies are coming in to support illegal aliens, not migrants, to support illegals. We are the citizens here, right? We’ve paid into the system. We’re suffering,” she added.

See more scenes from Wednesday’s protests below:

Interestingly, many of the points made by Easley and Guider echo points made earlier this year by conservative commentator Tommy Lee Peterson.

Speaking on Fox News’ “Fox News @Night” back in March, he described how black people were fleeing the Democrat Party because of Biden’s disastrous policies.

“Even if I was black enough, I couldn’t afford to vote for Joe Biden this time, and I hear it is all over, everywhere I go,” he said. “For a long time, blacks … were committed to the Democratic Party. That’s no longer the case because the Democrats have clearly tossed blacks to the side, and they’re not looking out for them anymore.”

“They just want the vote, and so black people are starting to feel the economic crisis,” he added.

He pointed specifically to Biden’s disastrous economic and immigration policies for the change in voting.

“It’s the economy, it’s the borders,” he said. “What is not being talked about [is] a lot of these the aliens are coming in and they are ending up in the black communities … in the schools. The gang violence between the black gangs and Hispanic gangs and other gangs that are coming in is out of control.”

Remember what Guider said about the crime?

Vivek Saxena


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