Columbia University protest leader who said ‘Zionists don’t deserve to live’ gets the boot

The Columbia University protest leader whose proclamation that “Zionists don’t deserve to live” was condemned by the White House has been booted from school.

With the situation degenerating by the hour at the New York City-based Ivy League institution of higher learning that has been taken over by pro-Palestine activists who are demanding divestment from Israel, Columbia divested itself of one of its Jew-hating problem children over his hateful rant.

The student, Khymani James, made his inflammatory remarks during a live stream of an official university inquiry that took place in January which was unearthed by the Daily Wire which posted a video montage of James to social media where it went viral, drawing the attention of the Biden administration.

“What is a Zionist? A white supremacist,” he said in the video, also stating that “Zionists don’t deserve to live comfortably, let alone Zionists don’t deserve to live.”

“The same way we are very comfortable accepting Nazis don’t deserve to live, fascists don’t deserve to live, racists don’t deserve to live, Zionists, they shouldn’t live in this world,” James added in the highly offensive resurfaced video.

James also suggested that he would personally kill Jews.

“So let’s be very clear here,” he said in the video. “I’m not saying that I’m going to go out and start killing Zionists. What I’m saying is that if an individual that identifies as a Zionist threatens my physical safety in person, i.e., puts their hands on me, I am going to defend myself. And in that scenario, it may come to a point where I don’t know when to stop.”

Facing pressure to do something about the festering Jew hatred that is now spreading from Columbia to other colleges, the White House strongly denounced his comments.

“These dangerous, appalling statements turn the stomach and should serve as a wakeup call. It is hideous to advocate for the murder of Jews,” deputy press secretary Andrew Bates said in a Friday statement. “President Biden has been clear that violent rhetoric, hate speech, and Antisemitic remarks have no place in America whatsoever, and he will always stand against them.”

James has now been “banned” from campus.

“Chants, signs, taunts, and social media posts from our own students that mock and threaten to ‘kill’ Jewish people are totally unacceptable, and Columbia students who are involved in such incidents will be held accountable. We can report that one individual whose vile videos have surfaced in recent days is now banned from campus,” Columbia University said in a Friday statement.

The black homosexual rabble-rouser blamed right-wing “agitators” and played the victim after he was held responsible for his own words in a statement that included a lame apology for his inciteful remarks.

“On Thursday, a video of me taken back in January began to circulate online. What I said was wrong. Every member of our community deserves to feel safe without qualification,” James said.

“I also want people to have more context for my words, which I regret. Far right agitators went through months of my social media feed until they found a clip that they edited without context. When I recorded it. I had been feeling unusually upset after an online mob targeted me because I am visibly queer and black,” he continued.

“Unfortunately, this is not my first time being targeted by online trolls and harassed by people who use racist and homophobic slurs – ‘f*aggot monkey’ and worse – in an effort to intimidate student protesters like myself,” his statement read.

Chris Donaldson


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