Comrade Bernie defends campus anti-Semites

It won’t come as a shock, but everyone’s favorite Socialist uncle, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), believes the swarms of anti-Israel protestors that have invaded our nation’s college campuses are causing chaos “for the right reasons.”

Speaking to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Sanders said that President Biden, who finally addressed the campus unrest on Thursday, was “exactly right, in that we don’t want protests that are violent.”

“And we absolutely will not tolerate anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia or any form of bigotry,” he added.

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Never mind that Hamas terrorists want to wipe Israel off the map and disregard the chants of “From the River to the Sea,” Sanders says the “anti-war demonstrators” are simply “outraged” by the Jewish nation’s response to having their civilian citizens raped, tortured, kidnapped, and savagely murdered.

“It is important to understand, why these protesters are out there,” Sander said, “and they are out there not because they are pro-Hamas.”

“They are out there,” he explained, “because they are outraged by what the Israeli government is now doing in Gaza, which is bringing unbelievable, not just to the terrorist organization of Hamas, but to the entire Palestinian people.”

“And that’s why these anti-war demonstrators are out there,” Sanders said. “They do not want to see a situation continue where 110,000 Palestinians out of, you know, 5% of the population have been killed or wounded. Where children now face starvation, hundreds of thousands of children face starvation because Israel is refusing to allow humanitarian aid to get to where it has to go. Where two-thirds of the homes in Gaza have been destroyed or damaged with the entire civilian infrastructure. Water, electricity has been annihilated. Educational systems. Every university in Gaza has been bombed.”

“So I think it’s important to understand why these young people are out there, and they are out there for the right reasons,” he stated. “To protest U.S. continued military aid and money to a right-wing extremist Netanyahu government, which is in a destructive war against the Palestinian people.”

According to X influencer Paul A. Szypula, Sanders “lied.”

“Bernie Sanders just lied and said protestors are out there ‘not because they’re pro-Hamas,'” Szypula wrote on X. “There are countless examples of protestors saying they support Hamas.”

To make his point, he provided an example.

“And they’re not protestors either,” he noted. “They’re extremists who hate Jews.”

Others agreed.

“The antisemitic chants and signs tell a different story,” stated one user. “#NeverAgain means never again.”


Melissa Fine


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