Controversy surrounding Balenciaga and disturbing allegations get SO much worse

Balenciaga may have canceled its ad campaign over blatant depictions of children juxtaposed with BDSM, but after the initial fiery backlash brought the brand to issue an apology, an inspection of the images found hidden “horrific depictions” that led to a demand for answers; “an apology, it isn’t enough.”

Whether intended or merely stemming from a culture of complicity at the fashion brand, mounting evidence has only made the case worse for the decision-makers at Balenciaga. As previously reported, following the abrupt end of their latest campaign that highlighted, among other products, teddy bear handbags in bondage gear held by preadolescent girls, a public search for context exposed the disturbing posts of designer Lotta Volkova associated with Balenciaga that featured Satanic images of child sacrifice and other atrocities.

However, even that was still the tip of the iceberg as Gays Against Groomers member Clarkson Lawson posted a short video recapping the vile Easter eggs contained within the Balenciaga campaign that also includes a book about the work of Belgian painter Michaël Borremans. Shared by user @V6nSilver, Lawson’s video was captioned, “Balenciaga is gross, the celebrities who defend them are sick. Ye [Kanye West] is going to devalue their status to the ground with his Election merch.”

As Lawson explained of Borremans 2017 collection “Fire From The Sun” that features naked and castrated toddlers playing, with some described as holding severed limbs, “It’s a book that depicts child exploitation. There are horrific depictions of nude children in this book that Google can’t even show them. Now I know this is a lot to take in, but we’re still not done.”

Further still on the work of Borremans, Christian commentator Oli London, who had highlighted the Satanic images on Volkova’s Instagram that has since been set to private, pointed out that Balenciaga fashion worn by celebrity influencer Kim Kardashian, who has not renounced the brand but has said she is “reevaluating” her relationship, was presented as directly influenced by the Belgian painter’s art.

“What I am saying is its very clear BALENCIAGA as a brand has for years taken creative inspiration from Child Predators and People that promote child abuse. The artist Michael Borremans paintings of satanic occult black-clad figures clearly inspired the Kim K Met Gala Look,” London posted. She also shared images of North West, Kardashian’s young daughter with Kanye West, wearing similar Borreman-inspired bondage.

The TikToker went on to present another image from the certificate that had the name, “John Phillip Fisher” on it. “Hmm,” Lawson wondered. “Couldn’t be the same man that was accused of molesting his granddaughter at four-years-old? Now I know I’m gonna get called a conspiracy theorist for this because we already are. Multiple news outlets are saying that this Balenciaga issue is a wild conspiracy theory. But, if it was a conspiracy theory, why would Balenciaga apologize for it?”

“But you see, an apology, it isn’t enough,” he stated. “We know how many eyes are on product placement. We need to know why this was allowed. And don’t confuse this for cancel culture. This is children that we’re talking about.”

Supporting that argument, actor James Woods spoke from experience when he posted early Tuesday morning, “I’ve worked in commercials off and on my whole life. Believe me, the client is ALWAYS aware and closely monitors the shoot. No company is ever shocked and surprised by a commercial they have paid millions for. They have reps on the set every minute of the shoot in my experience.”


Kevin Haggerty


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