Dem candidate hurls hate-filled anti-cop messages at NYPD, calls to abolish: ‘F–k these f–king pigs’

As violent crime soars in New York City, a rapper whose social-social media accounts are dripping in hateful, anti-police rhetoric is running to become Brooklyn’s Assembly District 46 Democratic leader.

Noah Weston — aka “Soul Khan” — has for years referred to New York’s finest as “f–king pigs,” “plague rats,” and “sacks of s–t,” and has called for the defunding of police.

Hailing from West Hollywood, CA, Weston, a hip-hop performer with the Brown Bag All Stars, is running with congressional candidate Brittany Ramos De Barros and Assemblyman Mathylde Frontus on the “For the People” slate, the New York Post reports, and from not one, but two Twitter accounts, he has posted vitriolic rants calling for police to be abolished.

In February 2021, Weston retweeted a video of NYPD in the subway, kneeling on top of an elderly man.

“F–k these f–king pigs till the day their misbegotten lives end,” Weston stated. “Abolish these ogrish sacks of s–t.”

It’s a sentiment Weston often repeats.

“F–k the pigs and f–k the politicians who treat them as anything more than pigs,” Weston tweeted a year ago.

And on the day of Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin’s conviction for the murder of George Floyd, Weston wrote, “Bless the jury, f–k the pigs, and keep fighting [to] abolish, not reform.”

From an alternate Twitter account, @noah4DL, Weston tweeted Saturday, “The greatest threats in this city are Eric Adams and the NYPD.”


Weston is, if nothing else, consistent in his hate, and he’s happy to spread them around.

In October 2020, he widened his circle of ugly to include a hit on Trump supporters.

“Tbh you should always treat someone wearing trump paraphernalia or a badge like they’re a plague rat because they are observably more reckless about covid measures,” he wrote.

Masks are apparently extremely important to Weston.

“I JUST HAD TO TELL ANOTHER DUMB PIG TO PUT ON HIS F–KING MASK IN THE SUBWAY SYSTEM,” he tweeted at the start of 2022. “These cops are plague rats. How f–king dare anyone still act like they’re anything but a liablity.”

For Weston, any money spent on police is money wasted.

“It is genuinely more productive to wipe your ass with money than spend it on cops,” he tweeted in March.

In April of last year, he tweeted, “You can’t tell me a single good thing cops have done that can’t be done by someone or something that isn’t a cop.”

So it’s no surprise that, following the brutal Brooklyn subway shooting, Weston had more kind words to say about alleged perpetrator Frank James than he did for NYPD’s response.

On the day of the incident, Weston tweeted, “We DO bring up NYPD being useless at a time like this because the reality of policing is most conspicuous to the largest possible audience. The cops helped the shooter escape, didn’t have working radios, and didn’t prevent this but will use it as a pretext to hurt and kill people.”

The following day, he tweeted, “Frank James did more than the NYPD to locate Frank James.”

“No serious adult can continue to treat our police as anything but a colossal waste of money that would be better spent on resources for communities,” he continued.

“Real New York community members, not cops, found the shooter today,” he tweeted. “Real New York community members, not cops, supported each other in meaningful, healing ways through this. Remember that.”

In a follow-up tweet, he added, “I say ‘real New York community members’ because more than half of the NYPD doesn’t even live in this city and the entire department works against the values that most New Yorkers hold dear.”

And on the 14th, he asked, “How f–ked is it that new yorkers were supposed to entrust their safety this week to a police department that has likely killed more people with covid than it has ever saved in most new yorkers’ lifetime?”

“They ran over a homeless new yorker the other day,” he added. “Their monthly murder count was already higher than frank james’ before he fired a shot.”

In response to his rhetoric, one Twitter user summed up the thoughts of many.

“Here’s what I know, Noah Weston,” she wrote. “If you ever need a police officer, one will be there to help you. As the mother of an NYPD officer, and wife of a retired one, you are a POS to me. I hope I run into you some time.”

“Now Twitter will throw me off,” the user predicted. “Worth it.”


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