DeSantis spox makes child’s play out of exposing NY Daily News reporter’s TDS, rank bias

The remarkable thing about liberal reporters is not that they are so biased in their reporting — after all, at this stage of the game that’s expected — but that they STILL insist on claiming that they are impartial in plying their trade.

Unfortunately, every so often they get too consumed by their liberal zealotry and expose themselves for who they really are. Former President Donald Trump may have done more to expose the corrupt state of journalism today than any politician, with reporters going so far as to declare a moral obligation to oppose him. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has had success here as well, being quick to call out the agenda-driven media. The governor’s cerebral press secretary, Christine Pushaw, is a willing accomplice here, having an innate ability to give as good as she gets.

DeSantis is a frequent target of the national media, who recognize the popular governor’s vast potential as a conservative leader. The New York Daily News came at him recently for allegedly rejecting a push for Florida to sell the Russian investment as it holds — a line of attack one of his Democratic opponents was propagating.

Pushaw, as she so often does, informed the reporter,  David Goldiner, that their headline was “false.”

“[A]sk me for comment next time. Fried’s letter was unclear & not actionable, because it conflated two separate things: private property of Russian nationals & state investments. SBA is reviewing our state investments in Russian entities,” Pushaw added — Nikki Fried is one of two Democratic candidates running to oppose DeSantis for governor.

The tweet prompted a spirited back and forth, as the defensive reporter was not about to admit his fault and his response to Pushaw insisting that DeSantis “didn’t reject the idea of divesting” proved what those paying attention knew all along — that Goldiner is a liberal hack.

“[Y]ou’re 100% wrong but keep talking to your MAGA fanboys on twitter,” the political reporter spewed in the tweet.

Keep in mind, that Pushaw’s job is to speak for the governor — literally. Yet, the reporter had the audacity to tell her she was wrong for explaining what had actually occurred.

Here’s a rundown of their online jousting… see if you can detect a touch of bias here:

Tom Tillison


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