‘Did you go?’ Jesse Watters confronts Ramaswamy about hot mic pee tape

There has been plenty of chatter about a hot mic moment involving Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, who wants to be president of the United States but apparently can’t think to mute his phone line while urinating — given the “weak” stream, it wasn’t reassuring of a man who wants to lead the most powerful nation in the world.

But don’t worry, Fox News host Jesse Watters was determined to get to the bottom of the embarrassing incident.

In what proves to be the second pee tape involving a presidential candidate — this one seemingly real — Ramaswamy was participating in a rather remarkable X Spaces livestream conversation on Sunday along with billionaire Elon Musk, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, controversial influencer Andrew Tate, and others. At some point, Ramaswamy must have been overcome with the need to relieve himself and appeared to do just that — for all to hear.

Jones was quick to call out the moment a splashing sound was suddenly heard, “Someone’s got their thing open peeing! Someone’s got their phone open in the bathroom.”

Social media influencer Mario Nawfal, who was hosting the livestream, outed Ramaswamy: “That’s your phone, Vivek. I’m not able to mute you. Vivek?”

Watters featured the GOP candidate Monday on Jesse Watters Primetime and he asked Ramaswamy straight up about the bathroom break heard around the world.

“Alright, we’re seeing that Vivek has a pee tape. Let’s first listen,” the Fox News host said, before teeing up the embarrassing audio.

After playing the tape, Watters asked: “So you were talking to Musk and a bunch of other characters and, did you go to the bathroom?”

Ramaswamy tried to dodge the question at first, responding with a joke.

“Well they did say it was a live stream, Jesse,” he quipped.

“But I’ll say that we’re all human. We’re all human, is what I will say,” Ramaswamy added. “Elon and I have had some good conversations and he and I had, I think, a laugh out of that one coming out of it. So he wished me for feeling better, I told him that I was, we’re all human beings, and it was a good two-hour discussion on X, which is officially, I could say– that apparently is now very much censorship free.”

Watters had jokes too, as seen when he drew the segment to a close, “Well this pee tape is not funded by Hillary Clinton. It was just done organically by Vivek Ramaswamy. Good luck in New Hampshire and everywhere, we appreciate you joining Primetime. Glad you’re safe and you’re relieved.”

Tom Tillison


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