‘Do you not know you are a judge?’ Jeanine Pirro goes OFF after spending the day in court with Trump

Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro went ballistic after former President Donald Trump’s latest day in court, slamming everybody working against him, including the judge, the prosecutor, and Stormy Daniels.

The rant, which eventually ended with Pirro labeling Daniels a woman who “lays for a living,” began with her targeting Judge Juan Merchan for refusing to place a gag order on Michael Cohen.

“I’m sitting in that courtroom, and I’m looking at the judge, a guy who’s wearing a robe, literally saying to the prosecutor, ‘Mr. Prosecutor? Could you tell Michael Cohen that I ask you to tell him not to talk?’ Talk about a spineless wonder!” she said on Fox News’ “The Five.”

“The judge does not want to gag Michael Cohen. He refuses to because he’s part of this whole conspiracy to convict Trump. The truth is, if you are going to gag Donald Trump, which you don’t have a right to do in this case, you’ve got to gag Michael Cohen. Everybody knows that. The ordinary American out there knows it. But, when he turned into such a wuss — ‘Can you tell him, I’m asking you to tell him’ — are you stupid?! Do you not know you are a judge?” she added.

Listen to the whole rant below:

As previously documented, Cohen has been running his mouth about the case on TikTok. This prompted Trump’s attorneys to ask that he be gagged just like Trump has been gagged. But Merchan refused, instead choosing Friday to politely request that Cohen shut the hell up.

Pirro then moved on to targeting Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

“Alvin Bragg comes in the courtroom, he comes in and he squeezes in a bench next to his bodyguard, the two of them are sitting there. And I’m saying to myself, what the hell are you doing in this courtroom?” she said.

“This is an expired misdemeanor that we don’t even know is true, and what you’re doing is, you’re coming in here to make sure that jury knows this case is important to Manhattan, while there are people in jail who have been sitting in jail for years on violent felonies,” she added.

Bragg is a soft-on-crime prosecutor known for letting violent would-be felons off the hook while instead prioritizing prosecuting Trump for something many say isn’t even worthy of prosecution.

The whole case centers around the decision by Trump to have his then-attorney, Cohen, pay $130,000 before the 2016 presidential election to keep Daniels silent about an affair they allegedly had.

The argument from Trump’s supporters has been that Cohen orchestrated the whole payout behind Trump’s back and that when Trump signed the $130k check, he did so without realizing what it was for. Pirro echoed this argument Friday.

“Donald Trump would be on the phone,” she said. “He’d be signing checks. He’d be talking to people and signing checks. You can’t even show if he signed the check that he knew what he was signing, other than Rona [Graff] sent it to him.”

“And Rona had no knowledge of the agreement allegedly between the woman who lies for a living, lays for a living. Lies, lays for a living, and lies for a living,” she added, referencing Daniels.

Daniels is, as previously documented, a former porn star. All this comes days after Daniels testified against Trump. The only problem was that her testimony barely resembled what she’d previously claimed, according to conservative commentator Megyn Kelly.

“The thing about Stormy is, what shocked me the most is she completely revised her account of the interlude [with Trump],” she said Wednesday on her popular podcast.

“It went from this casual description back when she first came out with it publicly of ‘he was interesting and he was nice’… to ‘I blacked out… the blood left my fingers and toes,'” she continued.

She continued by questioning the contradictions in the remarks made by the former porn star, saying “the room was spinning and he was stopping me from getting out because he was sitting on the bed between me exiting the bathroom and the door, but in a non-threatening manner, and oh, by the way, I didn’t say no.”

“It’s a bullsh-t #MeToo revisionism and everyone’s buying it!” she added.

Vivek Saxena


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