Don Lemon inadvertently peels back the curtain on leftist tolerance

CNN morning show co-host Don Lemon, fresh off a “sexism” scandal, may have revealed why some high-profile people keep their conservative opinions to themselves.

Lemon has never been mistaken for a right-winger, but apparently even the mere suggestion of conservative political victory is enough to trigger leftists. During a “CNN This Morning” segment, he admitted that he lost some “liberal friends” after openly predicting that former President Donald Trump would win in 2016.

“I don’t know if you remember this Jake, I’m sure you do, that I predicted that, I said Donald Trump will probably win the election in 2016. Look, I lost a lot of liberal friends, I actually got kicked out of parties in Brooklyn,” he recalled, shocking co-host Poppy Harlow.

“Really?” she exclaimed.

“I said, have you guys seen the newspaper? The newspapers? He is on every section, he’s on the business section, he’s on the political section, he’s on the real estate section. He is on the front pages. It was just because he knew how to manipulate and use the media and so it’s interesting to, you know, see Bill Maher say, ‘Hey, listen, this guy isn’t going to leave the White House.’ I think the evidence was there but people kind of ignored what’s in front of their faces,” Lemon explained further.

Perhaps this sort of social ex-communication is part of the reason why more conservative and Republican-leaning celebrities and public figures are so hesitant to be as open about their political beliefs as their liberal counterparts. If merely predicting that one of the two presidential candidates is going to win was enough to get Lemon “kicked out of parties,” professing to support that same candidate is likely akin to career suicide for those who work in industries where connections are important.

At least that’s the opinion of actor James Woods, who tweeted in 2017 that he was only free to discuss his political leanings because he accepted that he was “blacklisted.”

Sierra Marlee


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