Dr Phil slams two Hamas supporters to their face in based viral clip showing ‘so-called Palestinians and Hamas are same’

During a recent episode of Dr. Phil McGraw’s popular daytime talk show, he slammed two Hamas supporters to their face for trying to justify the terrorist group’s murder of 1,300 people on Oct. 7th, 2023.

A now-viral clip from the episode begins with one of his guests, a female Hamas supporter, responding to being asked whether she condemns Hamas by accusing the pro-Israeli side of being hypocritical.


“Of course, we do not justify murdering any innocent civilians, but again, the framework of the question makes it seem as if the situation is the result only because of October 7th, when there have been several massacres for decades leading up to this,” the woman said.

“So when we have been the recipients of that violence and we are first asked to condemn violence, I find that there’s a sense of hypocrisy in those questions when our suffering is not being recognized, and the first thing we’re asked is to condemn,” she added.

Dr. Phil then asked her what she thought Israel should have done when Hamas committed the Oct. 7th terror attack and butchered 1,300 people.

“I think they have every right to go in combat with Hamas, but I don’t think they have the right for 92 percent of the death count to be civilians,” the woman replied.

McGraw then asked if there’s a moral equivalence between burning an infant in a crib as Hamas did, and accidentally blowing up innocent people (collateral damage) while bombing Hamas.

The woman tried to reply by accusing Israelis of “explicitly” targeting civilian areas, but McGraw exploded on her.

“There are some things that are just fundamental human decency, and when I ask you if what happened on Oct. 7th is something you condemn and you say, well, you have to look at that by looking at hundreds of years of conflict,” he said. “No, you don’t. No, you don’t.”

“That’s either right, or it’s wrong, and it was wrong, and I don’t need a hundred years of conflict to know it was wrong. … When somebody comes over a fence and goes into someone’s house and burn their infant in its crib, I don’t give a damn why they did it. It’s wrong,” he added.

His fierce defense of Israel has earned him massive praise:

The viral clip continued with another segment showing Mosab Yousef, the reformed son of a notorious Hamas leader, lecturing the two young Hamas supporters about the foolishness of their beliefs.

He started the lecture by stating his belief that there’s no real difference between Hamas militants and the average Palestinian.

“I personally don’t differentiate between Hamas and so-called Palestinians because, actually, there is no Palestinians,” he said. “There are tribes … and each one has different interests, and all of them are conflicted. If they did not have Israel as the common enemy, they would kill each other. This is the reality.”

One of the two women then accused Yousef of spouting “common colonial rhetoric,” prompting him to slam her for wearing a Palestinian keffiyeh.

“The keffiyeh that you are wearing, this is just a statement to show that you really lack the authenticity to represent the case,” he said. “And what’s so-called the cause, you know, this is a human problem. The cause must die, I think. Enough is enough.”

He continued by accusing the two Hamas supporters of helping Hamas.

“You are helping Hamas to prove it to the world that Palestine depends on the destruction of the state of Israel, and this is not acceptable, and we are not going to agree to it,” he said. “And I tell you something, for the next 10 or 20 years, the Palestinian people will pay the bill that Hamas has caused today — and most likely in blood.”

One of the two Hamas supporters then asked him for clarification on whether he truly believed there was no distinction between Hamas militants and the average Palestinian supporter.

“After Oct. 7th, yes, there is no difference,” Yousef replied. “The vast majority of the Palestinian people support Hamas. This is a fact. This is proven by statistics and your silence now.”

“You can’t even condemn Hamas and say that what they did on October 7 was an act of a savage group. You don’t have that power. On what authority do you speak? You only speak on the authority of Hamas propaganda,” he added.

One of the two then asked why he would make such an accusation.

“Because if you were a decent human being, you can say that the thousands that were killed on October 7, that was a crime against humanity — it was a genocide,” he bluntly replied.

Vivek Saxena


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