English BLM activists facing charges over missing funds for statue topplers

While Americans got a front-row seat to Black Lives Matter’s destructive nature and systemic corruption in the wake of George Floyd’s death in 2020, we weren’t the only ones to get scammed by BLM activists.

Across the pond in Bristol, England, BLM activist Xahra Saleem, 22, is facing charges of fraud related to a fundraising page that was set up to provide legal fees for those protestors who, in June of 2020, graffitied and then tore down a statue of Edward Colston, a 17th-century merchant and parliamentarian, and dumped it into the Bristol Harbour.

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The “Bristol Protesters Legal Fees” fund was established for those who were arrested, and money from the crowdsourced effort allegedly went missing.

As BLM was defacing and destroying Confederate and George Washington monuments in America, its English counterpart was targeting statues of Sir Winston Churchill, Queen Victoria, and the national war memorial, according to Breitbart News.

Colston was hit for his ties to the slave trade, which, while common practice during his lifetime, was ultimately abolished first at great expense by the British Empire.

Four of the vandals who were arrested for destroying the Colston statue never denied their actions. Turns out, they didn’t need to. After their lawyers claimed they were “on the right side of history,” the jury acquitted them.

But that wasn’t the only fundraising pot in which Saleem allegedly stuck her sticky fingers.

She was also reportedly handed a fraud charge for the “BristBLM” GoFundMe page, established in June 2020, after the money raised allegedly failed to find its way to Changing Your Mindset, a local youth charity that the GoFundMe pitch claimed would be the beneficiary of the donations.

Money raised on the page was meant to send local teens on a trip to West Africa. When the charity contacted the cops, Saleem was arrested.

“A woman is due in court at the start of next year after the Crown Prosecution Service authorised charges following a fraud investigation,” stated a spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police this week. “Xahra Saleem, 22 and from East London, has been charged with two counts of fraud by abuse of position. She is due before Bristol Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday 3 January 2023.”

Back in the States, BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors was blasted for funneling BLM funds to her family and friends, including $970,000 to a company owned by her baby daddy, Damon Turner, for “creative services” and another $840,000 to her brother, Paul Cullors, for providing “security service” for the BLM Foundation, BizPac Review reported in May 2022.

BLM also treated itself to a luxurious six-million-dollar mansion in Los Angeles, complete with six bedrooms and bathrooms, a soundstage, office space, and, of course, a swimming pool.

The organization justified the Studio City expenditure by calling it a “campus for a black artists fellowship.”

For her efforts, Cullors was forced to resign.

Melissa Fine


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