Fans respond to technical foul called for STARING, suggest NBA now ‘unwatchable’

The National Basketball Association has trashed its brand the evangelizing for the “woke” cultural revolution that has marked the league’s modern era and now bad calls by the officials are further alienating fans.

There’s no way to sugarcoat how bad the officiating has become in professional sports and the refs in Friday’s Western Conference Semifinals game between the reigning NBA champion Denver Nuggets and the Minnesota Timberwolves came up with one of the most head-scratching calls ever seen on the hardwood.

All-star Timberwolves shooting guard Anthony Edwards was hit with a third quarter technical foul for merely staring at the Nuggets’ Reggie Jackson, a whistle that was controversial to say the least.

The call drew an incredulous reaction from the booth with TNT’s Reggie Miller unable to believe what he just witnessed.

“That’s just a look,” exclaimed Miller, a former NBA superstar. “Come on, that’s a bad technical.”

“Man, we’re in the second round of the playoffs,” added the Indiana Pacers great. “Emotions are always gonna be high.”

Fellow announcers Jamal Crawford and Kevin Harlan were also shocked at the ticky-tack foul in a playoff game, agreeing with Miller about how “awful” of a call that it was.

The bad foul drew lusty booing from the social media bleachers.

The T-Wolves went on to stun the Nuggets on their home court, taking a 1-0 series lead powered by Edwards’ 43 points making the difference in the 106-99 win.

“Going against the best player in the world is always fun,” Edwards said after the game, referring to star Denver center Nikola Jokic aka Joker. “Going against the best team in the world is always fun.”

The Serbian-born Jokic tallied 32 points but it wasn’t enough to match Edward’s red-hot shooting from the floor.

“Like I said, man, they’re well-coached, they’re disciplined, they’re not gonna beat themselves,” Edwards added of the Nuggets.

On the bright side, the Nuggets pasted league frontman LeBron James right in his surly, smack-talking face, ousting the Los Angeles Lakers four games to one and sending the Democratic party shill into the offseason.

Chris Donaldson


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