‘Faulkner Focus’ Fox News analyst calls on GOP to stop ‘drip, drip, drip’ and subpoena the Biden family

Liberal Fox News analyst Richard Fowler called on the GOP to either do their business or get off the proverbial pot when it comes to the Biden crime family.

Joining former Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) and “Faulkner Focus” host Harris Faulkner on Wednesday, Fowler expressed much of the frustration felt by many conservative Americans who have grown weary of seeing piles of damning evidence against President Joe Biden and his drug-addled son, Hunter, go unpunished.

(Video: Fox News)

“Fox News has learned of new 2011 emails revealing that Hunter Biden helped his business associates get access to Vice President Biden,” began Faulkner. “Richard, the president has said over and over again he never had anything to do, didn’t even know of anything with these business associates, didn’t know of his son’s business dealings. But now there are receipts that he met with them.”

Fowler immediately tried to downplay the significance of the emails: “Look, Harris, since 2018, Senate Republicans have been investigating Hunter Biden after that, but since the Republicans take control of the House of Representatives –”

Faulkner cut her guest off, asking him to specifically address the “receipts that were just thrown into the public sphere about the fact that the secretary of state — well, we’ll start with the president, that the president actually met with Hunter Biden’s business associates.”

“I’m going to answer that question,” Fowler promised.

“What you have happening here over and over again is Republicans pointing to this drip, drip, drip worth of evidence on Hunter Biden,” he said. “And my point here is, if you have it and you have all this evidence, call a hearing, subpoena Hunter Biden, you have the power to subpoena.”

“When you’re done subpoenaing him, send recommendations to the Justice Department, who have an investigation open against him,” he continued. “But until then, don’t come on air and do segment after segment, talking about drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, and do nothing about it, which is what we’ve seen for the past couple of months. And to be frank and what we have seen since 2018 when Republicans opened up their investigation on the Senate side.”

“So would you be okay with the president being subpoenaed?” Faulkner pressed. “I mean, and his son, just round up everybody?”

From Fowler’s perspective, demanding that the GOP actually act on the evidence they claim they have is tantamount to calling a bluff.

“Well, if the Republicans have this evidence like they say they do, then go ahead with the subpoena,” he stated. “But they don’t have it or they would have done it already.”

And that’s where he lost Rep. Collins.

“Oh, wow. Oh, wow, Richard, we agreed,” Collins said. “And now we just gonna have to disagree. I mean, they do have the receipts.”

“So where are the subpoenas?” Fowler argued.

“Okay, great question, Richard. Where is [U.S. Attorney General] Merrick Garland? Where is the DOJ investigation?” Collins shot back as Fowler continued to question the apparent inaction.

“So, no, no, no, I don’t interrupt you, Richard. You don’t want to hide this one,” Collins continued. “The DOJ… can do anything they want to do here. They’ve ignored this. Now it’s coming out. The reason the DOJ is even being pressured here is because these things come to light. These receipts, so to speak, come to light.”

“The one I would be worried about right now is Mike Morrell,” he said. “The mainstream media will start– You start watching. You want to talk, ‘drip, drip’? They’re going to start protecting Blinken. They’re going to start doing this because they don’t like this process. But you’ve got it right. DOJ can do this right now, Richard. Why doesn’t the DOJ do it?”

“Where is Merrick Garland?” Faulkner agreed.

The exchange brings into focus one disheartening but obvious point: If the Department of Justice is in Biden’s pocket, it’ll likely be a long time before justice is served to those who have helped shield the president and bury his family’s potentially illegal activities, no matter how many “receipts” are exposed.



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