Fetterman down with Rafah invasion: ‘I follow Israel on that’

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) said that he’s down with the Jewish nation’s invasion of Rafah, a Hamas stronghold, as it seeks to eradicate the terrorist presence in Gaza.

The Pennsylvania Democrat has been a pleasant surprise as he has shown a rare independence from the pack on several key issues, one of them being Israel, a key U.S. ally that is despised by many in his party which has become a haven for anti-Semites.

Fetterman appeared on Tuesday’s edition of “Special Report” on Fox News where he was asked about the beginning phase of the long-awaited ground invasion, a perilous situation for President Joe Biden who has been unable to engineer the ceasefire that his base has been demanding.

(Video: Fox News)

After mildly criticizing President Joe Biden over the withholding of an arms shipment, the topic turned to the tanks that are rolling into Rafah.

“Well, I follow Israel on that. I mean they would know the situation more than I do,” the senator said when asked by anchor Bret Baier if he supported the invasion, said to be a “red line” for the White House.

“I’m always trying to center this to people where it’s like Hamas could – well they started this…,” he continued. “And this could end right now if they send all those hostages back home, and they could surrender…but they clearly don’t care about all the Palestinian death and chaos and damage, in fact that’s the way they designed that. Israel actually cares about minimizing those civilian deaths, but Hamas sees that as just their own kinds of collateral damage.”

The old-school Democrat also weighed in on the campus protests, an ugly outpouring of anti-Semitism that has been defended by some of his colleagues, most vocally by members of “The Squad” who have been the Hamas’ best friends in the halls of Congress.

“I’m not even sure what they’re really, you know, protesting about. If you ask them, they’re not really sure,” Fetterman said. “They can’t… and now they’re not talking about ceasefires anymore, and now they’re talking about divesting and harming Israel and that, it’s crazy,” noting how the protests have morphed from ending the violence to attacks on Israel.

“It’s actually working against peace in Gaza, and Hamas is convinced that they’ve won the PR war and they keep seeing all these kinds of protests across the nation on these campuses,” he added. .And it’s not helpful, but it’s actually, it works against peace, I think.”

He also noted that the protests aren’t grassroots, as the media have misleadingly portrayed them.

“They’re paid, and I have said this,” he told Baier. “I don’t care if you’re a protester, paid or not. You know, if you’ve gotta protest anything, you should be protesting against Hamas and demanding that they take the ceasefire, or they can just send all these hostages back home.”

Fetterman has shown little regard for the protesters, previously mocking them by saying “I don’t believe living in a pup tent for Hamas is really helpful.”

Chris Donaldson


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