Paramotor pilot captures his 85ft fall from the sky and terrifying aftermath

Dramatic footage captured a Texas YouTuber’s harrowing paramotor crash that included the aid of a couple of bystanders and a distressing call to his wife.

“What do you mean, don’t worry?”

A small but crucial detail was said to be the cause for a test flight failure recently videoed by Anthony Vella that left him recovering in the hospital from a number of breaks and fractures. Part of the more than 20 minutes of content shared by the pilot included multiple angles of his crash from an estimated height between 85 and 100 feet up in El Paso, Texas.

Cheers of “Whoa, man! 48 miles per hour! Come on baby!” quickly turned to a panicked “Oh. Sh*t” as he attempted to recover his collapsed glider to no avail.

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Cries of agony began immediately as Vella suffered from injuries later detailed as a fractured neck, back and pelvis in addition to a shattered right arm while he tried to get his phone to contact first responders, “Siri, call 911.”

“Help me, please. I crashed my flying machine,” the father of four told the dispatcher not long before one of two Good Samaritans would arrive endeavoring to work past a language barrier to assist Vella.

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The pilot managed to make contact with his wife, Leandra Vella, as well while he awaited the arrival of an ambulance and as he broke the news he told her, “The glider collapsed and my arm is snapped…I’m going to be fine, my love, don’t worry.”

“What do you mean, don’t worry?” came her response as she went on to say she would be finding someone to look after the kids and would get to him as soon as possible.

Soon after paramedics arrived, she was by her husband’s side as the initial triage sorted out the extent of Vella’s injuries. As one of the first responders indicated, “Considering you fell out of the sky, you’re doing pretty good.”

Image via YouTube

As her husband was carried away and taken to the hospital where he would undergo multiple surgeries, Leandra offered her sincere gratitude to the men who had rushed in and also contacted 911, waiting alongside Vella.

By his own reckoning from the video, the pilot had determined that the crash had been caused by a tension knot that had been overlooked during his pre-flight check and he placed no fault on the BGD Luna 3 that he was trying out.

The full video, included below, had a message from Leandra that detailed in part, “All injuries listed required surgery. It has been the most challenging couple of days for him but in true Anthony fashion, he continues to smile and make those around him laugh. He was very excited to go flying that morning to test out a new camera and glider…”

“We have felt the love and support from all of you and will never be able to articulate just how much it means to him, me, and our family. Anthony is very excited to get back to his strong and active self,” she added as he ended the video, “I will return to the sky!”

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