Firefighter captain who had affair with Mich. school shooter’s mom offers devastating testimony against her

The mother of Oxford school shooter Ethan Crumbley was reportedly involved in an affair prior to the 2021 rampage.

This matters because the man whom Jennifer Crumbley had an affair with, fire department captain Brian Meloche, offered up devastating testimony against her in her manslaughter trial this Wednesday.

As previously reported, Crumbley killed four of his fellow students at Michigan’s Oxford High School on Nov. 30th, 2021.

He committed the mass shooting with a semi-automatic handgun he’d purchased with the help of his parents, Jennifer Crumbley and James Crumbley, both of whom are now facing involuntary manslaughter charges.

But the two evidently did more than just buy him a gun. They also acted irresponsibly.

During the day of the shooting, for example, the school tried to send Crumbley home for bad behavior but his mother claimed she was busy. Except according to Meloche, she wasn’t.

“Meloche testified Wednesday that Jennifer Crumbley had told him she was able to leave work to meet up with him even though she allegedly told school officials on the day of the shooting that she could not take her son home or for mental health care that day because she needed to return to work,” according to ABC News.

Andrew Smith, the CEO of the company where Jennifer works, also testified this week, telling the jury that she’d have been allowed to leave work for the day to take care of her kid if needed.

Dovetailing back to Meloche, he also shared damning text messages he’d exchanged with Jennifer, including one from after the shooting in which she’d written that she’d “failed miserably” as a parent, as reported by the New York Post.

“You didn’t do this,” Meloche responded.

She reportedly replied that she was “scared,” prompting Meloche to write, “I bet.”

“You literally need to disappear once you are free to do so,” he added.

He later claimed he’d merely been worried about her safety because of incoming threats from social media.

In additional texts, Jennifer fretted that life wasn’t worth living anymore.

“I’ll never be OK. I lost my son. He’s a murderer. And I’ll forever have to live with that,” she wrote. “I’m not sure life is worth living anymore. I have nothing left to live for. He was it.”

The texts also referenced a meeting the Crumbleys had on the morning of Nov. 30th with their son’s school teachers about one of his disturbing drawings.

“They didn’t see him as a threat and [decided] he could stay in school, which is what he wanted to do,” Jennifer wrote. “His f–ing backpack was with him, why didn’t they search it?!?”

She seemed to be blaming the school shooting on the school itself. Of course, the authorities view things quite differently, ergo her and her husband’s pending prosecution.

The former dean of students at Oxford, Nicholas Ejak, testified earlier this week that nobody had searched the backpack because they hadn’t suspected anything at the time.

“It wasn’t necessary or rise to the occasion that I do that, because I didn’t have any reasonable suspicion that I do that,” he said.

“Ejak then handed over the backpack to Ethan after school officials met with him and his parents to discuss disturbing drawings he had made on a math worksheet earlier that morning,” according to CNN.

“Unbeknownst to those in the meeting, Ethan had hidden a firearm and ammo in his backpack that day, taken from the Crumbley household. Shortly after, he took his bag into the bathroom, pulled out the gun and opened fire, killing four students and injuring seven others,” CNN notes.

Meanwhile, on the day of shooting, Jennifer reportedly sent a text to Meloche complaining that her son’s gun was missing. Meloche responded by urging her to contact the police. It’s not clear if she ever did.

According to ABC News, Meloche stopped communicating with Jennifer after he saw a news report about how the police were looking for her and her husband.

“The last time the two communicated was Dec. 4, 2021,” ABC News notes.

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