First top Dem makes robust pitch to replace Biden with Kamala: ‘We have to rip the band aide off!’

The president’s first opponent to back him in 2020 became the first to officially buck him as well in 2024 with a pitch to “forge a new path forward” — via Vice President Kamala Harris.

Denials were everywhere from the Democrat Party and President Joe Biden’s campaign, but machinations were clearly at play among the power-hungry on the Left who smelled blood in the water. Among them was former Ohio congressman and onetime Democratic presidential candidate Tim Ryan who took to Newsweek to offer a full-throated endorsement of the vice president that didn’t hold back on Biden.

“I supported Joe because I believe he is a good and honorable man. I’m still very happy with my decision,” indicated Ryan who had been the first primary rival to endorse Biden after suspending his own 2020 campaign. “He also promised to be a bridge President to the next generation. I liked that idea. I envisioned him defeating former President Donald Trump, stabilizing the country, and passing the torch to the next generation.”

“Regrettably, that bridge collapsed last week. Witnessing Joe Biden struggle was heartbreaking. And we must forge a new path forward,” he wrote before expressing, “After deep reflection over these past few days, I strongly believe that our best path forward is Kamala Harris.”

Before making his pitch for the vice president to lead the 2024 ticket, Ryan made clear that his issues with the incumbent went beyond the debate stage, “Joe Biden’s debate performance was deeply troubling. But it isn’t just about a 90-minute debate and a terrible performance. This election needs to be about generational change–something about which I have been shouting for more than a year now.”

To peddle the word salad maestro as the way to victory, the former congressman honed in on her efforts at damage control Thursday.

“Kamala was the highlight of a historically dreadful night. Across cable news stations, the Vice President’s performance was stellar, a ray of light in the darkness,” he contended. “Those who questioned her chops over the past several years were rebuked by a polished, confident leader communicating clearly in the throes of a political meltdown of epic proportions. I loved watching it. Our Vice-President was masterful.”

Ryan’s argument mirrored analysis from CNN commentator Van Jones who made the case the night after the debate that even if Biden won re-election, Harris would likely finish out a hypothetical second term as commander-in-chief. With an unfavorable rating of 57% according to a recent Fox News poll, Jones pushed her more recent appearances when he argued, “Sometimes the public’s opinion of someone isn’t catching up to their performance.”

While the former congressman touted Harris’ record as California attorney general and suggested she “would energize the black, brown, and Asian Pacific members of our coalition,” as well as “dispirited youth,” it had also been reported that, should Biden step away, the campaign funds not refunded to donors could remain controlled by the vice president if she became the presidential nominee.

Ryan concluded with an appeal to the Democratic Party leaders by stating, “America is craving this generational change. You can feel it in the air. It’s time for the Democratic Party to let go of the past and give the American people what they want. And they want to be excited about America again. They want to come together. They want to heal. And they want to be asked to help usher in a future of renewal and reform. That future begins with Kamala Harris. I hope the powers that be in our party have the guts and vision to make that happen.”

Kevin Haggerty


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