Fox News anchor says GOP lawmakers ‘dropped the ball’ with Wray questioning: ‘A blown chance’

Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer was not impressed with the House Judiciary Committee’s questioning of FBI Director Christopher Wray on Wednesday, claiming that the Republicans “dropped the ball,” despite having the beleaguered bureau’s chief “in their sights.”

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The GOP lawmakers interrogated Wray on a number of explosive issues, from the politically-charged prosecution of former President Donald Trump to the infamous events of January  6, 2021, to the crimes allegedly committed by President Biden’s scandal-ridden son, Hunter Biden.

But, according to Hemmer, the Republicans failed to generate a “headline” from the hearing.

“Honestly, I watched a lot of that hearing today and I think the Republicans dropped the ball,” he told Fox News’s host of “The Story,” Martha MacCallum. “I mean, they finally had their man in their sights, at least one of them in Washington, and I did not think it was effective. I didn’t think the line of questioning was effective. I didn’t think their strategy was good.

“It’s hard for me to walk away with a headline from that hearing today with Christopher Wray,” he added. “That was a blown chance.”

Not that the Republicans were shy about their feelings for the FBI under Wray’s direction.

Rep. Jev Van Drew (R-N.J.), a self-described “simple country dentist,” compared the bureau to a pus-filled abscess.

“If you have an abscess, you can have a mild or moderate one and you can treat it with antibiotics and warm salt rinses and, in a week to 10 days, it’ll be better,” he told Wray. “If you have a severe one, you’ve got to take a scalpel to that abscess, you’ve gotta cut it open, and you’ve got to let the pus and the blood and the gas drain out. If you don’t, that abscess will travel. It’ll travel to the patient’s brain possibly, or their heart, and it definitely can kill them.”

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“That’s the type of infection that I feel is in the FBI today,” Van Drew stated. “It has gotten so deep that we need to get in there with a metaphorical scalpel before it kills our nation.”

“We need real structural change,” he said, “and this committee is that metaphorical scalpel.”

The weaponization of the FBI against Catholics, Van Drew continued, is “a clear sign of the rot” in the law enforcement agency.

“Your agents in the field office attempted to spy on Catholic churches and their congregations and frame them as extremists,” he charged. “This is unbelievable. How do we get there?”

Van Drew said the leaked and later rescinded FBI memo targeting Catholics “should scare each and every American.”

“The misguided priorities of our intelligence community put every American at risk, and it is wrong,” he said. “It is un-American, and it undermines two of our most important tenants — freedom of speech and freedom of religion. It’s what our is built upon.”

Wray stated that the FBI would be providing the committee with “a briefing on the internal review” of the redacted memo and insisted, “We do not maintain any kind of list of religious institutions that we’re targeting, because we are not targeting religious institutions.”

Melissa Fine


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