Gavin Newsom talks about having an ‘open hand’ if Trump reelected, quickly adds Biden will beat him

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) waded into Republican presidential politics Sunday with an unsurprising take on former President Donald Trump’s chances in a rematch against President Joe Biden and some advice for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis whom he suspects would get “thumped” if he doesn’t heed one particular warning.

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The latest propaganda veiled as interviews on MSNBC’s “Inside With Jen Psaki” saw the former White House press secretary lobbing softballs at the California executive that he might present himself as a successful leader. Over the course of her questioning, she turned to Trump’s 2024 campaign and treated it as an opportunity to present Newsom as a uniter.

“So you have talked a lot about your ability to work with Donald Trump and frankly, having worked in the White House I know when you’re governor, you have to work with the president,” she began. “If he’s reelected, and I know you’re gonna say he won’t be and President Biden will beat him, but let’s just say if he’s reelected, will you still be able to work with him?”

“If it advances the cause of helping me govern the largest and most diverse state in America, it’s the size of 21 state populations combined — look, I don’t like talking past people — down to people because they disagree with me,” Newsom began. “I spent a disproportionate amount of time with the people that tried to recall me. We all want to be respected, protected, connected. We all want to love. We all need to be loved. We have so many foundational values. So I say divorce is not an option.”

Bringing up former President Bill Clinton to try to juxtapose himself with a popular Democratic figure, the governor then said, “And so I say this in the context of the frame around Trump, or all these folks, I mean, I’m like I’m pushing back yeah, as you know, I’m sick of people, you know, the rights being trampled on and I’m gonna push back, but I’m not looking to go after these guys.”

The irony was overlooked by the interviewer and interviewee that that remark had come from the governor with one of the most egregious records during COVID who went on to claim, “I’m not looking to pick up a crowbar, putting the spokes to their wheel every single day. But if they do that to folks that I care about and things I value and folks that I feel like you know are being demeaned, yeah, I’m gonna push back. So, open hand, not a closed fist. If he’s back, but he won’t be because you were right to set up the question as you set it up.”

The conversation touched on DeSantis’ expected run for president and at the mere mention of the governor whose popularity has earned him the nickname America’s Governor, Newsom bristled, “Not a fan.”

(Video: MSNBC)

“He has had some responses of late that have been hugely problematic, offensive, dangerous,” Psaki charged. “One of them was going after the Manhattan district attorney, echoing the language of former President Donald Trump with that threatening language suggesting Democrats are weaponizing the judicial system. But you are also a very astute political guy. Do you think that is smart politics in a Republican primary?”

“No, I thought he looked weak,” Newsom asserted while posturing, “…weakness masquerading as strength.”

The critique mainly focused on DeSantis issuing a statement after Trump’s indictment that was akin to what many had wanted the governor to say beforehand. The host followed up by asking, “So if you are — you’re not advising Gov. DeSantis, I know that, but what is his political path here? Should he be running away from criticizing Trump? Should he be speaking up for the rule of law?”

“He’s gonna get rolled by Trump. Trump’s just gonna roll him. Thumped,” Newsom dispassionately offered.

“I honestly, if I were offering him political advice, I’d tell him to pack up and wait a few years and actually do some of the hard work which actually includes governing, not just identity and culture war,” he continued, interjecting his own positions without regard for the fact that his leadership has seen a mass exodus from the Golden State while DeSantis’ focused direction has seen lasting growth.

“Come back as a more seasoned and capable leader with a little humility, which by the way,” Newsom said, again with unintended irony, “he can use a little of.”

Kevin Haggerty


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