Geraldo is all for Kamala Harris as justice and says black woman to SCOTUS is just ‘affirmative action’

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Geraldo Rivera, the eccentric Fox News host whose bizarre takes tend to confuse, confound and amuse, has come out in support of Vice President Kamala Harris being nominated to succeed outgoing Justice Stephen Breyer, saying he’s “all for” affirmative action.

He offered this remarkable two-part take during an appearance Wednesday on Fox News’ “The Five.”

“I thought that Kamala Harris would be a great idea. It was the first name that jumped into my mind. She could be a terrific Supreme Court justice, an appointment for life. She’s only in her 50s. She’d be there for 30 years,” he initially said.

The hot take prompted co-host Dana Perino to ask in amazement, “You think she’d be a good justice? ”

“I think she’d be a terrific justice,” Rivera replied.

Co-host Greg Gutfeld, the show’s highly rated comedian, promptly fired back by pointing out that “you thought she’d be a good VP.”

“That was also true,” Rivera replied, conceding the point, “but it’s a role fit for her.”

“But that’s not going to happen,” he then admitted, pointing to the list of nominees that’s already begun circulating in the political world.

“They’ve already put out the D.C. Circuit judge, [Ketanji] Brown Jackson; the South Carolina district judge, J. Michelle Childs; Leondra Kruger. [They’re] all black women. It’s interesting,” he said.

“It’s absolutely, definitely affirmative action, right, as they are considering the seminal affirmative action case against Harvard and University of North Carolina. So it is ironic, but I’m all for targeted … you know, there’s no black woman on the court, so why not?”

Why not? Some critics say because picking a justice by race and sex is antithetical to America’s values:

Fox Business Network host Charles Payne meanwhile says picking a justice by race and sex is something even worse.

In tweets posted Thursday morning, he portrayed the president’s decision as an underhanded, politically motivated attempt to drum up support and thus votes among black Americans.

Payne cautioned his peers from falling for the trick, arguing that the impact of the president’s policies on their lives — the rampant inflation, the supply chain crisis, etc. — should matter more than the color of the next justice’s skin.

He also noted the discongruity of the president repeatedly making judgments based on immutable characteristics but then turning around and purporting to be a champion of civil rights.


As noted by Rivera in the Fox News segment, Breyer’s retirement comes amid the highly publicized litigation surrounding a discrimination lawsuit targeting Harvard University and the University of North Carolina.

Asian students at both schools have accused the schools of discriminating against them by using affirmative action in their respective admission policies.

Yet during a press briefing earlier this week, White House press secretary Jen Psaki made it clear that the president vociferously stands behind the schools engaged in discrimination, not the Asian victims who are being discriminated against.


Time and time again, the administration has demonstrated that it staunchly believes in racial essentialism, particularly the type that places the ostensible interests and well-being of black people over the interests and well-being of everybody else.

Vivek Saxena


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