‘He is unbeatable in 2024!’ Fox News hosts gush over Trump, ‘there’s only one original’

Former President Donald Trump has officially announced that he will run for the presidency in 2024, triggering panic on the left while conservatives rally behind him with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee stating that he believes he will be “unbeatable.”

A number of conservative pundits on Fox News weighed in during Trump’s announcement and it was not the divisive stance the Democrats had hoped for. In fact, Trump declaring his candidacy felt more like an on-coming car with leftists frozen in its headlights just before impact.

Fox News host Sean Hannity opened up “Hannity” with fellow contributor Pete Hegseth, asking for his snap reaction to the news.

“Well, Sean… nothing like the original. He went back to the themes that put him in the White House, from fair trade to borders to ending nonsense foreign wars to saying we the people have been ignored by Washington, DC. It’s a forward-looking speech that recognizes the disaster of the last two years. He said as president, I delivered for you where other presidents have not. This looks like Trump in as good a form as you’ve ever seen him, sticking to the issues that matter to his voters. Making the case to Republican primary voters that he’s the guy to continue to be the standard bearer as the original that remade the party,” Hegseth noted.

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There will be others, many of which leveraged their association with Trump to get where they are, who will try to be like Trump. But there’s only one original who got to the White House and fought. And I think if he stays on message the way he did tonight, he’s got a formidable case to make to a Republican electorate,” he asserted.

Next up, Hannity spoke with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, recounting Trump’s words, “Governor Huckabee, ‘We will lift up the working men and women, we will restore the fabric of this great nation, we declare it does not have to be this way. America’s comeback starts right now. I kept my promises and we are now a nation in decline and Americans are suffering pain, hardship, anxiety, despair, and America has now become mocked, derided, and brought to its knees.’ Could you have imagined all this happening in two short years? Cause I frankly couldn’t.”

“Sean, the construct of the speech is pitch-perfect. If he keeps on like this tonight, he is unbeatable in 2024. Nobody can touch him. Not a Republican. Not a Democrat. He stayed on message. One of the key things he said… this is not my campaign, this is our campaign. He has made it about the American people,” Huckabee pointed out.

“He’s reminded them that the reason they voted for him once and most of us twice, was because he was fighting for us and he made the comment this is not about critics and complainers. He’s looking forward. I’m telling you, this is an absolutely brilliant speech that is the best I’ve heard him give in a long time and if he stays on this message, I agree with Pete. He stays and keeps it between the ditches and this focus… he’s unbeatable,” he proclaimed.

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Hannity went on to list the things that Trump covered that matter to Americans. The Fox News host interviewed other conservatives who were also impressed by Trump’s speech. Notably, it could be the beginning of the end for the progressive movement if he succeeds in retaking the White House.

“Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests and my fellow citizens, America’s comeback starts right now,” Trump told hundreds of cheering supporters who gathered at his Mar-a-Lago resort for the official announcement. “In order to make America great and glorious again I am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the United States.”

“I will ensure that Joe Biden does not receive four more years,” he said later in his speech. “Our country could not take that. And I say that not in laughter, I say that in tears. Our country could not take four more years. They can only take so much.”

“Our enemies are speaking of us with scorn and laughter and derision … People are going absolutely wild and crazy. They are not happy. They are very, very angry,” Trump remarked.

He went on to hammer President Biden in epic fashion.

“Now we have a president who falls asleep at global conferences, was held in contempt by the British parliament over Afghanistan … and he is leading us to the brink of nuclear war, a concept unimaginable just two short years ago,” Trump stated.

“The decline of America is being forced upon us by Biden and the radical left lunatics running our government right into the ground. This decline is not a fate we must accept,” he said.

Then he vowed to stop Biden’s foolish gamble with World War III.

“Unlike Biden possibly getting us into World War III, which can seriously happen, I will keep America out of foolish and unnecessary foreign wars, just as I did for four straight years,” Trump vowed. “The world was at peace. America was prospering, and our country was on track for an amazing future. Because I made big promises to the American people and unlike other presidents, I kept my promises.”


The former president went on to address a myriad of topics in a widely lauded speech that took the left to task as only Trump can.

“We do not have to endure what is taking place in Washington,” Trump said, wrapping things up. “You see our country, the corridors of power … they’re our corridors, they’re not their corridors. These are our corridors, and we are going to take those corridors back.”

Support for Trump’s presidential announcement rolled in on social media as leftists wept bitterly:





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