Raging bullsh*tter: Biden deploys Robert De Niro in ad chock full of fibs

President Joe Biden is going to need a lot of help to overcome his dismal polling and has turned to Hollywood to save his reelection hopes.

The deeply unpopular Democrat has now deployed geriatric actor Robert De Niro in a new ad that is filled with lies about former President Donald J. Trump, who Biden and his fellow Democrats are terrified will take revenge upon them if he returns to Washington, D.C. next year.

In the 30-second spot that Biden shared on social media on Friday, the Trump-hating faux tough guy runs through a list of hoaxes about Trump to make the point that the former president “snapped” after losing the 2020 election.

(Video: MSNBC)

“From midnight tweets to drinking bleach, to teargassing citizens and staging a photo op,” the 80-year-old “Goodfellas” star began, rattling off the litany of lies that the Biden campaign has relied on without any substantive policy successes to sell to the American people in an election year.

“We knew Trump was out of control when he was president, then he lost the 2020 election and snapped,” De Niro continued, with video of the so-called J6 “insurrection” shown on the screen. “Desperately trying to hold on to power. Now he’s running again, this time threatening to be a dictator, to terminate the constitution.”

The ad then plays an out-of-context clip of Trump’s remarks at a rally that spawned the “bloodbath” hoax, another of the big lies that have become the standard operating procedure for the most dishonest president in U.S. history and his party’s stooges in the media.

“Trump wants revenge, and he’ll stop at nothing to get it,” the actor concludes, as Biden’s voice replaces him stating that he approved the fib-filled message.

One of the most oft-repeated lies is that Trump told people to drink bleach – or its variation, inject bleach – as a remedy for COVID during an April 2020 White House press briefing.

Trump said no such thing but that hasn’t prevented Biden and his surrogates from running with it for four years now.

Earlier this year, trusted fact-checker PolitiFact analyzed Biden’s claim from a North Carolina speech in which he alleged Trump “told Americans all they had to do was inject bleach in themselves. Just take a shot of UV light.”

(Image: Screenshot)

Trump’s teargassing people for a “photo op” when an angry mob attacked the White House during the 2020 George Floyd race riots was also debunked, as was the “bloodbath” scam which is one still used by the Biden-Harris campaign even after it backfired when the former president flipped the script on them.

“Snapped” could be a term that fits De Niro far more than Trump, considering his obsession with his fellow New Yorker marked by years of crazed, profanity-saturated diatribes from the award-winning actor, now just another cranky old man like Biden.

Biden’s reliance on De Niro and other wealthy Hollywood elites only underscores the contempt he has for ordinary Americans who have been crushed by his disastrous policies, especially economically which isn’t something that affects his real constituents.

Chris Donaldson


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