‘I hope he resists!’ DC cop turned cable TV pundit Michael Fanone fantasizes about arresting Trump

Now that the midterm elections are over, left-wingers are salivating over the prospect that the Biden regime will make its move against former president Donald J. Trump by arresting him, a fantasy that was expressed by D.C. Metro cop turned cable television pundit Michael Fanone.

Fanone, whose foulmouthed antipathy toward Trump and other conservatives as well as his uncanny ability to nearly break down in tears for maximum dramatic effect, has become a hero of the resistance by capitalizing on being attacked during the so-called “insurrection,” quitting his job for a cushy gig as a CNN contributor and on Friday, he joined the collection of rabidly fascistic former government employees trotted out by radical progressive talk radio host Dean Obeidallah.

“What is your reaction to Donald Trump not being charged and now announcing a third run for president of the United States of America,” the host asked on Friday’s edition of his SiriusXM program, “The Dean Obeidallah Show.”

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Fanone responded, “Well, I’m not going to say that I’m still holding out hope, but I still expect the Department of Justice to do its job. You know, if you had asked me on January 7th, I would have told you unequivocally Donald Trump and his allies were morally and ethically responsible for what happened on January 6th.”

“At the end of the Select Committee’s investigation into the January 6 insurrection, I believe that there is clear and convincing evidence that ties Donald Trump and his allies to this scheme, which he orchestrated to defraud the American people. I mean, it was clear to me that before the first vote was ever cast, his plan was to deny the outcome of the election,” he continued, hitting every one of the talking points.

“And, you know, his allies, Roger Stone, also coordinated with some of these anti-government extremist groups, the Oath Keepers, the three percenters and the Proud Boys, and that their intention that day was to disrupt the counting of the electoral votes, disrupt the certification of the election through violence. And that violence was the plan long before January 6th came about. And so that being said, that there is this clear and convincing evidence. Donald Trump should be indicted and he should be tried. And it’s our responsibility as Americans to accept the outcome of that trial,” Fanone said.

Obeidallah then asked,  “If you were still a full-time police officer, would you have liked the opportunity to actually arrest Donald Trump for those charges?”

“Oh, I love it. I hope he resists!” Fanone said, practically drooling over the prospect of police brutality being unleashed against Trump.

The likelihood that the ex-POTUS would be hauled in by Merrick Garland’s goons in a scene reminiscent of a banana republic took a big hit on Friday when the attorney general announced the appointment of a special counsel, infuriating leftists who smelled blood in the water and Obeidallah took to Twitter where he weighed in on the latest development in the great Trump hunt.

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