Illegal migrant accused of raping teen girl goes free on $500 bail

An illegal alien from Haiti who was accused of raping a 15-year-old girl in a Massachusetts shelter for migrants is back on the streets after being released on a paltry $500 bail amount.

Cory Alvarez was charged with rape in the March incident that occurred at the Comfort Inn on Hingham Street in Rockland, a town in Plymouth County, sparking outrage over yet another example of the criminal element that is prevalent among Joe Biden’s “newcomers” who have poured across the border since he took office.

The 26-year-old accused rapist had been held without bail since he was arrested. But earlier this week he was set free by the Plymouth County Superior Court despite a request from federal immigration officials to hold him in custody, according to the Boston Globe.

The Globe cited a spokesperson for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) who said that court officials “refused to honor” the detainer request “and released Alvarez from custody on a $500 bond” following a dangerousness hearing.

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Alvarez pleaded not guilty to charges of aggravated child rape and rape of a child with force at a May Superior Court hearing and is now free to potentially strike again. He is alleged to have lured the teenager who had a disability into a room at the hotel and sexually assaulted her.

“He raped me. I asked him to leave me alone but he didn’t stop,” the victim told police.

“We then requested that Alvarez be held on $10,000 cash bail with numerous conditions of release. The judge set bail at $500,” a spokesperson with the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office told the New York Post.

Alvarez was let go with the condition that he submit to being monitored with an ankle bracelet but ICE won’t be able to track him since Boston is a sanctuary city where locals are not required to cooperate with federal immigration authorities. He is due back in court on August 13.

“Under state Trial Court policy, employees are not permitted to hold anyone who would otherwise be entitled to go free ‘solely on a civil immigration detainer or civil immigration warrant,” the Boston Globe reported.

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ICE officials expressed anger and dismay over the court’s decision with one telling the New York Post, that it’s “standard Democratic bulls–t” which makes it “almost impossible to do our jobs.”

“The dumba– judges are the ones causing a lot of these issues by ignoring the root of the problem,” the unnamed source said. “California, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, and other blue states all do this bulls–t. If we run records checks on people out of those states, they have policies that are in place to prevent sharing of any information.”

The release of the accused rapist is “emblematic” of “a concerning trend of inadequate and failed vetting procedures,” said former ICE field office director John Fabbricatore.

“This rushed process undermines the thorough checks typically conducted before granting parole or visas. The current administration’s haphazard approach raises significant safety concerns for US citizens,” he told the New York Post. “In particular, this recent case involving an accusation of rape by a Haitian national admitted under the Biden parole program highlights the ongoing issue. Additionally, sanctuary city policies continue to provide protection to foreign-born criminals rather than safeguarding law-abiding, tax-paying citizens.”

The news comes amid several recent deadly incidents involving illegal aliens, including the brutal rape and murder of a 12-year-old girl in Houston, TX by two foreigners.

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