Incoming Dem leader Hakeem Jeffries was asked if he ‘wants’ Biden to run – here’s his answer

Incoming House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries was asked Sunday during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week” if he “wants” President Joe Biden to run for reelection. While he was adamant that he would support such a run, Jeffries did not say that was what he wanted.

“How about President Biden? We saw this major move by him and his allies in the DNC this week to rejigger the primary calendar, putting South Carolina first. Of course, South Carolina, many would argue, made Joe Biden president back in 2020,” host George Stephanopoulos said. “Do you expect him to run? Do you want him to run?

“I certainly expect him to run. And I absolutely look forward to strongly supporting him,” Jeffries replied, avoiding whether that was what he wanted.

He would cite Biden’s record of success while ignoring the many shortcomings — much like the corporate media does — to include taking credit for putting kids back in school and touting the massive spending bill Democrats dubbed the Inflation Reduction Act that had little to do with reducing inflation.

“If you think about President Biden’s track record of success, it includes, but is not limited to, the American Rescue Plan, save the economy, shots in arms, money in pockets, putting kids back in school,” Jeffries said. “The Infrastructure, Investment and Jobs Act, creating millions of good paying jobs, fixing our crumbling infrastructure all across America, urban America, rural America, suburban America, small town America, the heartland of America. Gun safety legislation for the first time in 30 years. It will save lives. We’ve got to do more, but it was an incredible step.”

“The Chips and Science Act, to bring domestic manufacturing jobs back home. And the historic Inflation Reduction Act to strike a decisive blow against the climate crisis, lower energy costs, strengthen the Affordable Care Act, lower health care costs and drive down the high price of life-saving prescription drugs for millions of Americans,” he continued. “Those are just the highlights, George. That’s an extraordinary record. And on top of all of that, Ketanji Brown-Jackson is seated on the United States Supreme Court.”

Suggesting that Biden has a “compelling track record of success,” Jeffries concluded, “I know he’ll have a vision for the future. I look forward to strongly supporting President Biden’s re-election.”

Stephanopoulos, a former Democratic advisor for Bill Clinton, offered no pushback to the ambitious cherry-picking that included the boasting of lowering energy costs that skyrocketed under the current administration, a jump critics attribute to Biden’s policies against fossil fuels and his continued spending.

Tom Tillison


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