‘Is that what you just said?’ Republican Rep blows Bartiromo’s mind with an epic proposal for GOP

U.S. Rep. Cory Mills (R-FL) thinks it’s time to stop playing “defense” against Democrats and has an epic proposal for the GOP.

The Florida Republican slammed the “absolute disgrace” of a guilty verdict in former President Donald Trump’s hush money trial in New York, telling Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo that the GOP has an opportunity to make a “symbolic” move in the presidential race and “poke them in the eye” by moving the date of the Republican National Convention.

“What are they so afraid of? Why are they so afraid of Trump?” the host of “Mornings with Maria” asked the congressman.

“Well, because they know that he can win and he’s gonna take back the presidency and he will change the corruption in the deep state. He knows that the deep police state, just like when they tried to hire 87,000 armed IRS agents, they’re trying to increase their powers and try to violate our constitutional rights and liberties,” Mills replied.

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“He knows that — the rest of the left and the rest of the deep state knows he’s there to clean house,” Mills said.

Trump was found guilty of all 34 charges in a political show trial and will face sentencing on July 11, just days before the Republican National Convention kicks off on July 15. Mills believes this is the perfect opportunity for the RNC to be bold and pull the rug out from under Trump’s detractors.

“I think we as the Republican Party to poke them in the eye we should move our GOP conference and elect President Trump as our nominee on July 4th. We know they’re trying to prevent him from coming to the GOP gathering, so we should go ahead and start looking at that, we have to start stepping up our efforts, Maria,” Mills said.

“Are you saying that you’re proposing moving the Republican National Convention to July 4th, as opposed to July 15th? Is that what you just said?” Bartiromo asked.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying. If they’re going to try to do a sentencing on the 11th, which I know will hold him up, I say we bring President Trump, we move it and we elect him as our nominee on July 4th, Independence Day, and we start moving forward,” the GOP lawmaker confirmed.

“I think that’s a symbolic measure and I think it tells them exactly where we’re at as America,” he added.

The congressman called for Republicans to stop talking and start acting, calling the trial and guilty verdict a “black eye and sad day for America when the rule of law doesn’t stand for the rule of law anymore.”

(Video Credit: Fox Business)

“I think right now it’s time to stop playing defense and play offense,” he told Bartiromo.

“We need to do our job, we need to step up and get accountability, we need to stop the weaponization and we need to look at how the DAs and AGs need to step up their roles,” he added.

“That’s all I hear is one more hearing, one more piece of evidence. We’ve got more than enough,” Mills said, noting that Trump was “impeached wrongfully twice for far less than what we have for Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.”

“Where’s the case against Hunter Biden? Where’s the case against him about lying about getting a weapon, where’s the case against the Hunter Biden laptop? I’m tired of hearing one more hearing, one more piece of evidence,” the lawmaker continued. “This is my own party. I get it. I’m sick of the president being the scapegoat for all of Americans.”

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