‘It’s evil’: Tucker Carlson says time to reassess left’s agenda, which ‘has nothing to do with politics’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s plan to combat the left demanded conservatives first address the opposition’s movement for what it really is, and it “has nothing to do with politics.”

“It’s evil.”

Friday, Carlson had the honor of giving the keynote speech at the Heritage Foundation’s 50th anniversary gala where he capped off a two-day leadership summit. Having previously been awarded the Salvatori Prize for American Citizenship from the organization in 2018 for his work to protect and advance American values, the primetime host continued on that front as he tackled the true debate being held in the United States.

“It might be time to start to reassess the terms we use to describe what we’re watching,” Carlson suggested harkening back to how debates were framed 30 years prior. “We write our papers and they write their papers, and may the best papers win. I don’t think that’s what we’re watching now at all. I don’t think we’re watching a debate over how to get to the best outcome. I think that’s completely wrong.”

Speaking as an observer, he continued, “There is no way to assess, say, the transgenderist movement with that mindset. Policy papers don’t account for it at all. If you have people who are saying, ‘I have an idea, let’s castrate the next generation, let’s sexually mutilate children,’ I’m sorry, that’s not a political debate. What? That has nothing to do with politics.”

Previously, Carlson had analyzed the reaction from alphabet activists to the murder of children at The Covenant Christian School in Nashville, Tennessee by pointing out that “the trans movement is the mirror image of Christianity, and therefore its natural enemy.”

Picking up that torch again, he carried on to assert, “And that’s kind of the point I’m making: none of this makes sense in conventional political terms.”

As he set forth when those in power decide that “the goal is to destroy things, destruction for its own sake…what you’re watching is not a political movement. It’s evil.”

To bolster that position, Carlson also raised the debate over abortion and contended, “If you’re telling me that ‘Abortion is a positive good,’ what are you saying? Well, you’re arguing for child sacrifice, obviously.”

“When the Treasury Secretary stands up and says, ‘You know what you can do to help the economy? Get an abortion,’ well, that’s like an Aztec principle actually,” the Fox News host pointed out reminding of a comment from Janet Yellen in May 2022 when she had argued, “eliminating the right of women to make decisions about when and whether to have children would have very damaging effects on the economy and would set women back by decades.”

During his argument on transgenderists versus Christians, Carlson reminded, “In Christianity, the price of admission is admitting that you’re not God. Christians openly concede that they have no real power over anything, and for that matter, very little personal virtue. They will tell you to your face that they are sinful and helpless and basically absurd. They’re not embarrassed about any of this. They brag about.”

To contrast leftists, he concluded that God-fearing conservatives need to embrace that fully and suggested, “…it might be worth taking just ten minutes out of your busy schedule to say a prayer for the future, and I hope you will.”


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