Joy Reid likens Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito to a radical Islamic ‘mullah’

Leftists continue to spew incendiary rhetoric to demonize conservative members of the nation’s highest court with MSNBC’s Joy Reid likening Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito to a radical Islamic mullah.

On Friday night, the SCOTUS ruled to temporarily stay the decision of a federal judge in Texas that the FDA made a series of errors when it approved the popular abortion pill mifepristone, throwing the drug’s availability into question after being used for decades by women seeking to deprive their unborn babies of the right to life.

Access to the abortion pill will be preserved while the Biden regime’s legal challenge plays out but Alito and fellow conservative Justice Clarence Thomas dissented, bringing a torrent of abuse from Democrats and their shock troops and more incendiary rhetoric from the “race lady” whose MSNBC show is a magnet for the most unhinged and extreme elements of the Democratic party base.

On Friday’s edition of “The Reid Out,” the host welcomed her guests, MSNBC analyst Lisa Rubin and Mini Timmaraju who heads up anti-life organization NARAL to discuss the shadow docket decision while smearing the justices and by extension, the Republican party as a whole.

(Video: MSNBC)

After reading a part of Alito’s dissent, the “race lady” unloaded on the justice, whose leaked draft opinion last year foretold the court’s aborting of Roe v. Wade, sending the choice on whether abortion should be legal back to the states where it was prior to the landmark 1973 Supreme Court ruling that has enabled generations of baby killers.

This is Alito’s dissent, she began with a cherry-picked excerpt, “the government has not dispelled legitimate doubts that it would even obey an unfavorable order in these cases, much less that it would choose to take enforcement actions to which it has strong objections.”

“This reads to me like that he’s admitting, ‘We don’t have an army, we don’t have the ability to enforce our decisions, and we’re not sure if the government would even obey,’” Reid said. “I mean that’s a pretty glaring admission of weakness and a pretty churlish thing to write down in your dissent. This guy seems to be all in his feelings that the American people oppose his attempts to play mullah instead of Supreme Court justice and ban abortion.”

When it comes to the godless left, there is nothing more sanctified than abortion which is treated as being akin to a religious rite, and the Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization that overturned Roe v. Wade energized Democrat politicians and their media mouthpieces to whip up their armies of activists and the dregs of society that comprise their base to defend the right to murder the unborn at any cost.

It was irresponsible rhetoric spewed by Reid and her MSNBC accomplices that led to the prolonged intimidation campaign against Alito and other conservative SCOTUS justices in their homes as their neighborhoods were invaded by organized groups of left-wing thugs, judges were harassed in public, and in one terrifying example of the dangerous consequences of Democrat and media rhetoric, a mentally disturbed California man traveled across the country on a mission to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh that only failed when he lost his nerve at the foot of the conservative judge’s driveway.

Even more so than the full-throated advocacy for transgenderism and sexualizing of children, abortion is the central mobilizing principle of the Democratic party and they aren’t about to give up their abortion pills without one hell of a dirty fight.

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Chris Donaldson


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