Jessica Tarlov CRUSHED by co-hosts; defends lie on slavery with ‘kids are too young for complex issues’

Fox News Channel’s “The Five” took on the blatant distortion of Florida’s new black history curriculum which took on an added boost when Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to the state to exploit the media-generated controversy to attack Gov. Ron DeSantis.

As might be expected, cohost Jessica Tarlov, the resident liberal at the table, regurgitated the prescribed talking points to ridiculously paint DeSantis as pro-slavery — this being a clear indication of how much Democrats want to avoid DeSantis in the 2024 presidential election.

Cohost Jesse Watters pointed out the dishonesty at play, asking black Americans, “What’s it like to be lied to by Kamala Harris? What’s it like to be lied to by these buffoons on MSNBC who didn’t read the curriculum… who have no idea what the story is.”

After detailing what the curriculum teaches and explaining that this is “historical fact” that does not take away from the brutality of slavery, Watters concluded: “Kamala Harris is either dumb and didn’t read anything about it, or she knows the truth and has decided to lie to the American people about it.”

“I think it’s disgusting,” he added. “And why doesn’t Kamala Harris want African Americans and white Americans to know that black Americans did learn skills despite being enslaved? Why doesn’t she want them to learn that?”

Cohost Dana Perino asked Tarlov whether the vice president actually read the curriculum or “just decided to cherry-pick something?”

“I do think that she read the whole thing, and I think that it’s an incredibly complex piece when you look at 191 passages,” Tarlov replied. “You have some good and frankly, I’m just fundamentally uncomfortable with this sentence that blacks benefited at all from this.”

As for disgusting, Tarlov would then use the Holocaust to make a false comparison to score political points.

“And, you know, it made me think of, as someone, obviously, I’m not black, but I’m Jewish,” she added. “Would someone say about the Holocaust, for instance, that there were some benefits for Jews? While they were hanging out in concentration camps. You wanted a strong work ethic. Right. Maybe you learned a new skill.”

“Did you ever read ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’? Vik Frankel talks about how you had to survive in a concentration camp by having skills,” cohost Greg Gutfeld interjected. “You had to be useful. Utility. Utility kept you alive.”

“We are also talking about middle schoolers here and there’s a lot of concern about what age people are prepared to understand complex issues,” Tarlov fired back. “I’m not sure that 12 is the right age to start hearing things like, ‘And when you were enslaved here in America…”

Watters and Gutfeld quickly jumped in for the win, reminding the liberal about the left’s insistence on teaching children in school about “gender ideology” in schools.

Tom Tillison


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