Jill Biden Vogue cover drives creative, hilarious mockery from social media users

In what proved to be an ill-timed development, Vogue featured First Lady Jill Biden on its July cover on Monday while gushing over her power.

“If you want to know what power feels like…, author Maya Singer penned before detailing how thrilling it is to travel in a motorcade with Mrs. Biden.

The cover came just days after President Joe Biden proved to the nation during his debate with former President Donald Trump that his age and mental acuity are a serious concern. With Americans getting a peek behind the media-drawn curtain hiding the 81-year-old president’s cognitive decline and calls for Biden to step aside grew from within his own party, fingers pointed to Jill Biden as the architect behind an effort to stand up an empty suit as a candidate for another four years.

All of which resulted in a hilarious modification to the Vogue cover presenting Jill Biden as a caretaker for her geriatric husband, as seen here:

Billionaire investor Bill Ackman summed up Mrs. Biden’s role well in a lengthy post on X, insisting the fault lies with her.

I no longer blame [President] Biden for not stepping aside. He no longer has the mental acuity to make important judgments about himself. It is becoming increasingly clear, however that the fault lies with [First Lady] Jill  Biden,” Ackman wrote.

“Jill Biden becomes irrelevant the moment her husband is no longer president. No more Air Force One. No more glamorous life. No more White House dinners for dignitaries. No more being treated like a queen when traveling the world,” he continued. “I am sorry to be harsh, but what has become entirely clear is that the First Lady values what is best for herself over her husband’s health and the safety and security of the country at large.”

Social media users were eager to get in on mocking Mrs. Biden — here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

Tom Tillison


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