Martha MacCallum is NOT having John Kirby’s tiresome excuses: ‘Do we have a border?’

Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum grilled President Biden’s chief spinmeister John Kirby over his boss’s lack of action on the border crisis, a conversation that turned testy at times.

The smooth-talking NSC Coordinator for Strategic Communications appeared on Wednesday’s edition of “The Story” where he defended Biden’s catastrophic policies on immigration by blaming it on Congress, a familiar refrain from an administration that has ducked its responsibility for the illegal alien invasion.

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Pointing out that Biden could use the executive orders that he’s so often invoked to address the border crisis, MacCallum told the White House spox that “it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of fire in his belly” to clamp down on the ongoing flood of illegals into the country, saying that it seems that the president is “ok with the opposite.”

Kirby responded with a song and dance that “there’s no lack of sense of urgency here on the importance of working on the border” and that “executive action can only go so far,” making excuses for Biden’s refusal to act decisively.

MacCallum wasn’t having it.

“You say there’s no lack of urgency,  he’s been president for three years,” she shot back. “This is not just the same old immigration issue we’ve had going on for a decade as he said the other day. These are record numbers all the time and people in Iowa and New Hampshire are the ones who are expressing concerns about it.”

“This isn’t Arizona and Texas. This is Iowa and New Hampshire, so I don’t think that people sense that there is an urgency to address this,” she added. “I talked to lots of voters over the past few weeks who said they think the opposite has happened and they’re trying to figure out why the president wouldn’t do what he can to stop it.”

“Well that’s why I’m glad I’m here with you so I can try to explain some of that,” Kirby responded, shifting the blame from the White House to Capitol Hill.

“He has taken some executive actions but there’s a limit to what executive action can do and we really need support from Congress. We really need additional legislative action here, new laws, and quite frankly, on day one, he put forward a new immigration reform, and proposed legislation that hasn’t been acted on. So, we gotta act in partnership with Congress and I’ll tell you, the discussions that we’re having on the Senate side they’re progressing well,” he said, referring to the ongoing dickering over the lame border control measures as a sweetener for tens of billions of dollars more for Ukraine.

“They’re not, is what we’re hearing,” MacCallum disagreed.”They’re not really moving along well and you know, you say he’s been concerned about it for three years, but that’s failing, obviously. Because when you have record numbers of people coming in, that means the policy’s failing. So, why not change gears and try to do something that works?”

Kirby replied, “I think it’s important to put this in context too Martha, you’re seeing as you rightly said record numbers of people and it’s not just the United States that are facing that pressure, some, lots of countries in the hemisphere including Mexico is facing a lot of pressure at their own southern border,” he said. “I mean there are more people on the move in this hemisphere right now than there has been since World War II…”

“John, do we have a border? Do we have a southern border?” MacCallum asked.

“Do we have a what?” Kirby answered, momentarily knocked off track.

“Do we have a southern border?” MacCallum asked again, to which Kirby acknowledged “Yes, ma’am. Of course, we do.”

“Then how come people can flow across it every single day? Hundreds of thousands of people? 300,000 people in December,” she responded.

“We’re working very hard to try to fix that, Martha. That’s why we need congressional action. That’s why the president asked for additional funding – $6 billion in the supplemental to try to get border security enhanced, I mean I think you and I are obviously not going to see the policy solutions the same way, and I respect that,” Kirby said.

“Well, I’m just looking for results,” she fired back. “If you’re concerned about the number of people crossing, you’re not getting results. So, at some point, you have to say we gotta do something different.”

Chris Donaldson


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