Joy Reid goes to bat for Romney, says he ‘sticks out’ because he ‘still has a soul… won’t degrade himself’

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Though many Republicans disapprove of both “stuffy” Republicans like Utah Sen. Mitt Romney and Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney and their incessant overtures to the Democrat Party, far-left commentator Joy Reid personally thinks they’re the tops.

She’s expressed as much several times, including on Wednesday, when she spoke with former Romney 2012 campaign strategist Stuart Stevens of the Lincoln Project about his former boss.

“Yeah, I mean, Mitt Romney sticks out so much in the party now. Yes, he did the 47 percent thing which was bad and tacky and helped him lose the election. But at least you can tell that he still has a soul. His father’s spirit is still in him somewhere. He still has certain things he just won’t do. He won’t degrade himself to a certain point,” she said.

During the 2012 presidential election, Romney had argued that 47 percent of Americans would vote for then-President Barack Hussein Obama no matter what because they were addicted to government dependency.

Reid then contrasted Romney, who first entered politics as governor of Massachusetts in 2003, with Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell, whose foray into politics began in 1975 as a member of the Ford administration.

“[McConnell] still styles himself as a regular old Republican, [but] he is servile to Donald Trump. He says that if Trump runs, he’s going to support him,” she complained.

Yet she used to view Romney just as disparagingly.

Back during the 2016 election, she called him extreme and accused him of radicalizing the election, according to Fox News. And she was trash-talk tweeting about him as recently as 2020:

So what changed?

Critics say it’s Romney’s decision to behave like a Democrat by voting to convict former President Donald Trump, helping Democrats score a win with their “bipartisan” infrastructure deal, and, most recently, voting to help Democrats confirm Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court.

“Mitt Romney is not conservative,” one Twitter critic wrote.

“You are both two-faced hypocrites. He’s sold his soul and constantly degrades himself…,” another Twitter user wrote.

See more criticism below:

The discussion on Reid’s show began with her rightly noting that the Republican Party used to be an “elite” and “urban” movement comprised of people like Romney and William F. Buckley. She apparently preferred this former Republican Party.

“I’m going to mention Mitt Romney for a minute. There was a time when the idea of Republicanism was a kind of almost elite, urban sort of idea. It was a William F. Buckley. That was sort of what a Republican was when I was growing up,” she said.

“He would not make it in the Republican Party today. And the people like the guy who pretends he’s Foghorn Leghorn though he’s a rogue scholar, that’s the Republican Party now. I don’t think that’s because of Trump alone. Do you?”

Stevens responded by smearing the modern Republican Party as anti-intellectual, xenophobic, and racist.

“I think, look — since World War II, there’s been these two trends in the Republican Party. Call one an Eisenhower wing, sane governing, and the other the Joe McCarthy wing, conspiratorial and not concerned with governing, xenophobic, often racist,” he said.

“A lot of us thought the Eisenhower was a dominant gene. I think we were proven wrong. I think that the party is what the party wants to be and it’s a very strong anti-intellectual party. Which I mean, we used to say that we’re a party of ideas which may have been more self-flattering than true, but at least you’re aspiring to be that. Now there’s not even any pretense of that.”

Reid then responded by praising Romney for being one of the Republicans willing to stick to the old GOP’s ways.


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