‘MAKE IT STOP!!!’ Biden admin to impose ‘anti-fossil fuels agenda’ on power plants fueling nation’s grid

In what is certain to be another crippling cog in President Biden’s “anti-fossil fuels agenda,” the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is reportedly finalizing a proposal that would force coal- and natural gas-fired power plants to either cut or capture nearly all of their carbon dioxide emissions by 2040.

“If implemented, the proposed regulation would be the first time the federal government has restricted carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants, which generate about 25 percent of the planet-warming pollution produced by the United States,” The New York Times reports. “It would also apply to future plants.”

The regulation would set caps on pollution rates. Operators would be forced to meet those caps by any means necessary, whether, in the case of gas plants, it means switching to green hydrogen as a fuel source, coming up with new technology to lower or capture carbon emissions, or using the expensive capture equipment that is currently available.

According to Maria Michalos, an E.P.A. spokeswoman, the agency is “moving urgently to advance standards that protect people and the planet, building on the momentum from President Biden’s Investing in America economic agenda, including proposals to address carbon emissions from new and existing power plants.”

If the proposal is put into effect, it will impact the 3,393 fossil fuel-fueled power plants that generate in excess of 60% of the nation’s electricity, Fox News Digital reports. Only around 14% of America’s electricity is powered by wind and solar projects.

But the EPA, environmental zealots, and Democratic climate cultists are apparently more concerned with data that shows 25% of America’s total emissions come from the electric power sector than they are with keeping the lights on.

As the president and CEO of America’s Power, a coal power trade group, Michelle Bloodworth says the proposal ignores warnings of power shortages.

“The expected EPA regulation is just the latest in President Biden’s anti-fossil fuels agenda, coercing the retirement of electricity sources that are needed during the grid transition,” Bloodworth told Fox News Digital. “EPA’s actions are contrary to the concerns of grid operators and other energy experts who have warned about possible electricity shortages.”

According to The Times, the regulation “is likely to draw an immediate legal challenge from a group of Republican attorneys general that has already sued the Biden administration to stop other climate policies. A future administration could also weaken the regulation.”

As Fox reports, in June of last year, the Supreme Court ruled “that an Obama-era rule limiting power plant emissions under the Clean Air Act was unconstitutional, since Congress never granted the EPA the explicit power to issue such regulations.”

Two months later, the Biden administration granted the EPA the power to regulate greenhouse gas emissions in the Inflation Reduction Act.

Online, the insanity of cracking down on more than half of our nation’s power is evident.

“Someone please stop this dictator,” implored one Twitter user.

“MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!” begged another.

“He is trying to weaken our nation,” stated a third. “This criminal and traitor needs to meet the gibbet.”


Melissa Fine


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