Just when you thought the world reached peak stupid, Joy Behar talks guns

Joy Behar blew away the competition with her anti-gun fear-mongering that led some to conclude she “got all her firearms education from old Bugs Bunny cartoons.”

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Corporate media’s primed post-tragedy roll-out of anti-Second Amendment talking points was to be expected after 18 were massacred in a community in Lewiston, Maine. Though uninformed takes were inevitable, the co-hosts of ABC’s “The View” outdid themselves with Behar at the forefront Friday when she suggested the destructive power of an AR-15 “basically demolish[ed]” its target making it wholly unusable as a tool for hunting.

The pearl of wisdom from the comedian came as she prompted co-host Sara Haines with an opportunity to opine on the subject where she called out a renewal of the previously failed Assault Weapons Ban.

“I would love to see an Assault Weapons Ban. Like President Reagan, I don’t believe they’re a sport or hunting…instrument. It’s like shooting fish in a bucket,” offered Haines.

It was then that Behar saw fit to astound the audience matter-of-factly with her lacking knowledge of firearms by suggesting, “If you shoot with an AR-15, let’s say you shoot a deer, you can’t eat it because you basically demolish the animal.”

The low-hanging fruit was quickly picked up by conservatives on social media, including nationally syndicated radio host and former National Rifle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch who, before going into specific details on the tragedy in Maine reacted, “Just oh my gosh. Tell me you know absolutely nothing about guns, ballistics, hunting, or virtually anything without telling me that you know absolutely nothing about guns, ballistics, hunting, or virtually anything. I’m going to have to eviscerate this on air…”

A similar reaction came from Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert (R) who wrote, “As I said earlier this morning, these are people who want to tell us about gun safety,” directing users to a post where she had stated, “I’m not going to be lectured about gun safety by people who think the ‘AR’ in AR-15 stands for ‘assault rifle’.”

Comments from the co-hosts weren’t any better as the supposed token conservative Alyssa Farah Griffin spouted, “I hate how many times we’ve talked about this issue, because gun violence and American mass shootings is a uniquely American problem and we’re failing a generation of kids by not doing enough to solve it.”

The silver lining in Behar’s absurd take on the incredibly popular AR-15, used by competitive shooters and hunters alike, was the bevy of mockery that befell the daytime host as denizens of X offered up some of their experiences firing the “legendary” weapon with storied capabilities like that of none other than Chuck Norris.

“Hey, I once had to clear out a dead oak tree, so instead of using a backhoe I shot it once with my AR-15. It not only disintegrated the tree but…three trees behind it AND a Gremlin in my neighbor’s driveway,” said one while another used a visual of a mushroom cloud as they said, “I unfortunately accidentally discharged an AR-15 a couple weeks ago. The result:”


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