Kamala Harris off to Honduras for inauguration of new socialist president with anti-Semitic history

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Vice President Kamala Harris has been dispatched to attend the inauguration this Thursday of Honduras’ first female president as part of her quest to “address the root causes of migration.”

A statement from the White House published last week said that she’ll personally attend President-elect Xiomara Castro’s inauguration herself  “to deepen the partnership between the United States and Honduras and work together to advance economic growth, combat corruption, and address the root causes of migration.”

Castro reportedly ran on a socialist platform, and indeed, her husband, former Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, tried “to recreate the policies of Venezuelan socialist President Hugo Chávez” and was “a noted ally with Cuban dictator Fidel Castro” during his own presidency between 2006 and 2009, according to Fox News.

Castro’s VP, meanwhile, is Salvador Nasralla, a man who in 2020 “claimed that outgoing Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández’s ‘boss is the government of Israel’ and said in a debate that Jews control the global money supply.”

Despite Castro running as a socialist, not all socialists see eye to eye with her. After she was elected to office late last year, the the socialists at the World Socialist Web Site complained about her incoming administration refusing to appease China.

“One week after her landslide victory at the polls, Honduran president-elect Xiomara Castro, universally described by both the corporate media and the pseudo-left as a ‘leftist’ and ‘socialist,’ has passed a litmus test imposed by Yankee imperialism with flying colors,” the angry socialists wrote.

“Top officials in her incoming government, including vice president-elect Salvador Nasralla, have declared that the new administration has no intention of delivering on Castro’s campaign pledge to cut Tegucigalpa’s ties to Taiwan and ‘immediately open diplomatic and commercial relations’ with the Chinese government in Beijing.”

To be fair, once she takes office, Castro may choose a different path than the one her officials have recommended.

As for Harris, so-called “experts” who spoke with CNN believe she intends to use the inauguration as an attempt to get the ball moving on the migration issue.

“I think it’s an opportunity that we haven’t seen in Honduras in quite some time. And it’s an opportunity in which the United States has to use every tool at its disposal to try to move forward, given the importance of addressing these issues for the US’s own interests,” Jason Marczak of the Atlantic Council said.

This isn’t a new strategy, though the way Harris is going about it is certainly unique.

In 2018, then-Vice President Mike Pence was dispatched to attend the inauguration of Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador for a similar reason. However, Pence’s visit came amid actual negotiations on how to resolve the border crisis.

“The U.S. and López Obrador’s government are in advanced talks on plans to keep Central American asylum seekers in Mexico while their requests to the U.S. are pending,” as reported at the time by Politico.

These negotiations eventually led to the creation of the successful Remain in Mexico policy that current President Joe Biden swiftly cancelled upon taking office.

A federal court restored the policy late last year, forcing the administration to restart the program. The administration barely complied.

“The administration has said it intends to abolish the program by a different route, but will comply with the court order in good faith. … However, the new numbers from DHS show that there were 267 migrants enrolled in the program in December, with no migrants from Northern Triangle countries,” according to Fox News.

The numbers should have been significantly higher given all the illegals streaming across the border on any given day.

Fox News speculated that perhaps the administration has been removing the illegals through Title 42 instead, but according to journalist Bill Melugin, this doesn’t appear to be the case:

Harris reportedly isn’t set to discuss any of this during her meeting. Instead her focus will remain on what it’s been since day one — the supposed “root causes” of illegal migration.

Months and months of the VP focusing on these supposed “root causes” has led to no change along the border.

Note also that when Pence traveled to Mexico in 2018, he was accompanied by both Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

Conversely, neither current Secretary of State Antony Blinken nor HHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas will be attending Castro’s inauguration.

Critics aren’t surprised, though they are disappointed. It’s become clear to them that under this administration, the border will remain open as the VP spends months, if not years, obsessing over the wrong things:

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