LA Times changes ‘sexist’ op-ed referring to LSU’s women’s basketball team as ‘dirty debutantes’

The Los Angeles Times updated a recent op-ed about the LSU Tigers women’s basketball team, claiming it didn’t meet “editorial standards.”

In the original version of his piece, titled, “UCLA-LSU is America’s sweethearts vs. its basketball villains,” Ben Bolch wrote, “This isn’t just a basketball game, it’s a reckoning. Picking sides goes well beyond school allegiance.”

“Do you prefer America’s sweethearts or its dirty debutantes?” he asked. “Milk and cookies or Louisiana hot sauce?”

“[I don’t care] who one’s favorite #ncaa #wbb team is. There is absolutely NO REASON for #LSU to be DISRESPECTED by the [LA Times],” fumed The Free Dome Podcast. “This article should’ve never been written this way to begin with. To call a team DIRTY DEBUTANTES is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE!”

By roughly 9:55 pm Pacific Time, the “dirty debutantes” and “milk and cookies” lines were gone.

An Editor’s Note appeared, stating: “The original version of this commentary did not meet Times editorial standards. It has been edited to remove language that was inappropriate and offensive. We apologize to the LSU basketball program and to our readers.”

But the damage had been done.

“I think there’s a lot of situations that play into it,” said Tigers transfer guard Hailey van Lith. “But I think we do, you know, have a lot of black women on this team. We do have a lot of people that are from different areas. And, unfortunately, that bias does exist still today, and a lot of the people that are making those comments are being racist towards my teammates.”

“I have a duty to my teammates to have their back,” she said. “Some of the words that were used in that article were very sad and upsetting.”

“Calling us the dirty debutantes, that has nothing to do with sports,”she said. “That’s not motivating.”

LSU coach Kim Mulkey, fresh off a win against UCLA, did not hold back.

“It was good versus evil in that game today. Evil? Called us dirty debutants?” Mulkey fumed. “Take your phone out right now and Google ‘dirty debutantes’ and tell me what it says.”

“It was even sexist for this reporter to say UCLA was milk and cookies,” she stated.

Los Angeles conservative radio host Larry Elder blasted The Times over the piece.


Wrote one X user of The Los Angeles Times, “I didn’t know they had any editorial standards.”

Melissa Fine


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