Meanwhile at MSNBC: ‘Really imbalanced’ justice system FAVORS Trump, the guy slapped with 91 criminal counts

As a new narrative on former President Donald Trump coalesced, a former congresswoman lamented how “imbalanced” the justice system has been.

(Video: MSNBC)

The myriad legal battles faced by the former president have readily been viewed as a political persecution of Trump by the controlling arm of the Democratic administration. Initially faced with a combined 91 criminal counts, an exercise of free speech from the free GOP leader was counted as proof that the former commander-in-chief was getting away with something.

Saturday on MSNBC’s “Ayman,” leftists proceeded to have a meltdown after Trump posted a video to Truth Social that included an image of President Joe Biden tied up in the bed of a pickup truck. Host Ayman Mohyeldin prompted former Maryland Rep. Donna Edwards to react as he said, “It appears that at every turn, he is just allowed to do whatever he wants and get away with it without any reprimand.”

“It does seem that the scales of justice are really imbalanced when it comes to Donald Trump,” she replied. “That there are things that he’s engaged in, for example, that for any other criminal defendant would have landed them back in jail, in lockup with their bail revoked.”

Edwards went on to suggest, “Kathy Griffin, if she had posted that pickup truck with Joe Biden would have had the Secret Service visit her. But Donald Trump seems to get off the hook.”

In the video marked as being taken on Thursday on Long Island, New York highway, two vehicles decked out in decals flying American and patriotic flags were accompanied by instrumental music.

On the tailgate of that second vehicle, bearing a “Trump 2024” sticker, was an image of a bound Biden as though he had been taken hostage.

Trump shared the video Friday afternoon without comment and it has since earned nearly 20,000 likes and been reposted almost 5,000 times on the platform.

Falling in line with leftist hyperbole, Edwards warned that the video could stir a response like that of the breach of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, as she leaned into the incitement argument. Of course, the self-refuting logic failed to acknowledge that foisting the blame on the president for “inciting” the events of Jan. 6 was included in the now-88 counts brought against him after three had been dropped in the Georgia case.

As the former congresswoman had likened the video to that of comedian Kathy Griffin being investigated for holding up a prop severed head made to look like Trump, she too sounded off during a post promoting a tour and wrote in part on X, “I would like Donald Trump to be put through what I was put through by him. He would crumble. Absolutely crumble…It was bullsh*t.”

Meanwhile, Edwards was hardly alone in pushing the idea that the president, who if convicted in his federal cases faced a prison sentence of centuries, was getting away with something instead of being persecuted. Reactions to a reduction in his bond while appealing his New York City fraud case brought wailing over “special treatment.”

Expected to put up $175 million instead of over $450 million, former Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele was among those behaving as though Trump were benefitting,

“Yet again, [Trump] gets special treatment with his own private system of justice. The NY Appeals Court has decided to give Trump more time to pay less money by reducing his bond…and giving him 10 days to get the money,” Steele said. “This makes absolutely no sense.”

Kevin Haggerty


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