Lakers coach gushes over LeBron James’ son during contract discussion, critics cry ‘nepotism’

Critics are trying to figure out how Bronny James scored such a sweet deal with the Lakers, but to many, the answer seems obvious.

The son of NBA superstar LeBron James, Bronny received a fully guaranteed multiyear deal with his father’s team on Tuesday and it’s not sitting right with some. Outkick founder Clay Travis argued that the 19-year-old is only playing with the NBA because of his dad’s name, not because of his skill with a ball.

“Guy who would never have a chance to play in the NBA gets a multi-year guaranteed contract because of who his dad is. Legit never happened before in pro sports for an athlete in America and people in media are still defending it. Wild,” Travis tweeted.

According to a report from, Bronny never really considered playing with his father and is trying to make a name for himself.

“I’m … trying to get my name out for myself,” the young man said during his press conference. “I just want to come in and get my work in and get better every day. I never really had a thought of me going to play with my dad. That’s always there to take part of, but it wasn’t a main focus of mine.”

He also acknowledged that critics are wondering if he earned the deal through skill or nepotism.

“It’s for sure amplified the amount of pressure. I’ve already seen it in (social) media and on the internet and stuff talking about (how) I might not deserve an opportunity. But I’ve been dealing with stuff like this for my whole life. It’s nothing different. It’s more amplified for sure, but I can get through it,” he continued.

New Lakers coach JJ Redick also addressed rumors that they showed the son of LeBron James favoritism.

“Rob [Pelinka] and I did not give Bronny anything. … He’s earned this through hard work,” he explained. “His base level of feel, athleticism, point of attack defender, shooting, passing, there’s a lot to like about his game. As we build out our player development program holistically, he’s going to have the opportunity to be an excellent NBA player.”

Social media was quick to react to the news:

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