Left-wing miscreants disrupt Easter vigil at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

In a vile display of the left’s contempt for Christianity, the Easter mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral was disrupted by a trio of pro-Hamas miscreants.

During the Saturday vigil for the holiest day of the year, the disrespectful leftists interrupted the second reading which was attended by thousands of worshippers at the historic church, unfurling their banner and chanting “free, free Palestine” before they were removed from the premises.

The activists were identified as members of Extinction Rebellion, a global climate doomsday cult organization that also seemingly dabbles in advocacy for terrorists and chose to defile the sanctity of the service with their attention-seeking stunt.

In a video of the incident which was posted to social media, the troublemakers stormed the service which was being conducted by the archbishop of New York, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, and unfurled their white banner that read “SILENCE = DEATH” in front of stunned worshippers in the pews as security rushed in.

The offensive banner was ripped away from the disruptors and they were quickly removed from the service around 9 p.m.

X users slammed the sacrilege, with some noting that the reaction would have been much worse if the offenders weren’t protected because of their political affiliation.

It’s not hard to understand how a sanctified service could be so disrespected with New York political leaders setting a fine example by defiling the holy day with their celebration of transgenderism which like the climate has become the false religion of the left.

Police told the New York Post that three people were taken into custody after they received complaints about a “disorderly group” at the cathedral.

31-year-old Matthew Menzies, 63-year-old John Rozendaal, and 35-year-old Gregory Schwedock were the alleged perps. Last year Rozendaal was arrested for painting “climate criminal and no new oil” on a Citibank window, according to the outlet.

Chris Donaldson


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