‘Listen up you silly liberals’: Brilliant thread demolishes leftist fearmongering over Roe ruling

The end of Roe v Wade has brought about a natural disaster-level reaction from the American left-wing, but one woman took to Twitter to disassemble all of the arguments they’re using.

“Listen up you silly liberals,” she started her thread, “because here is the truth about SCOTUS overturning Roe V Wade: 1. No ‘most’ Americans DO NOT support abortion up until the moment of birth – In fact it’s only 12% that do. 57% believe abortion should be banned as soon as a heartbeat is detected.”

“2) Less than 1% of all abortions are the result of rape and incest, so stop acting like it’s an epidemic. 3)Pro-life Christians are not the ones that brought this to SCOTUS, but rather an abortion clinic trying to overturn the states law banning it after 15 weeks. Oops!” she continued.

The lecture closes out by reminding women that they are responsible for preventing pregnancy if they’re going to engage in sex, and called back to the “safe, legal and rare” argument that was used to help abortion become mainstream.

Despite posting on notoriously-liberal Twitter, her takes were quite well-received:

Sierra Marlee


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