Mark Levin: There was never going to be a ‘red wave’

While Republicans are busy pointing fingers and assigning blame for the disappointing GOP midterm results, “Life, Liberty & Levin” host Mark Levin was doing the math, and according to him, a “red wave” was — regardless of what polls predicted — “mathematically impossible.”

“I noticed that many of the same people who were wrong about a red wave are now telling us what to think about a non-red wave,” the Fox News host said on Sunday. ‘The experts, the consultants, the ruling class, the media, the politicians. We need to think for ourselves, enough of the static.”

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“I said before the election, and I said repeatedly here and on radio: Forget about the red wave. Forget about a red tsunami. Forget about Armageddon and vote,” he stated.

It’s simple arithmetic, the host explained.

This cycle, there were 34 seats up for re-election in the Senate. Republicans had to defend 20 of them, and to take the majority, they would have had to “tap into” 14 Democrat-held seats.

“That was a tall hill to climb,” Levin said. “And this is one of the reasons I wasn’t on this red-wave bandwagon so fast. I needed to think about it. 2024. This is the key.”

If a red wave is ever to transpire, the host explained, it will happen in two years’ time.

“The next election cycle, 33 seats are up,” Levin said. “Now, listen to this. Two-thirds of them are Democrat seats. So the Democrats have to defend 23 Senate seats. The Republicans have to defend only ten.”

“So,” he continued, “the math in 2022 never really led to a red wave possibility and the math in 2024, it does lead to a red wave possibility.”

“Does that mean there will be one?” he asked. “Of course not. But I’m just explaining the math, the simple math.”

And according to the same math, while Dems may be clapping themselves on the back for staving off a red wave this year, based on the results, the future doesn’t bode well for them.

“We had about 60% of the seats up,” he informed his viewers. “They have almost 70% of the seats up in the next round. So what does that mean? Democrats needed to have some serious gains in the Senate last week to stave off a disaster in 2024. They failed miserably.”

To believe that Republicans could flip six Senate seats this cycle was foolhardy, he argued.

It “was never going to happen,” he stated. “It was a mathematical impossibility.”


Though it has yet to be called, Levin feels, despite falling “short” of expectations in the House, “it’s very likely the Republicans will, in fact, take the House, [though] by a much smaller number.”

“They’ll appoint the speaker. They’ll control the committees,” he said. “Look, in the lead-up to the election, pollsters, consultants, Republican operatives, and D.C. commentators were talking about a red wave as if it had already occurred. What they based it on was flawed and inaccurate.”

The Democrats are now “in a horrendous situation,” according to Levin, and if the GOP plays its cards right, 2024 might see the tsunami the right was promised — if the “establishment” stays out of its own way.

“In 2024, [Democrats are] in a horrendous situation when two-thirds of the Senate seats that are up are Democrat seats, and they’re [now] celebrating that they only lost the House by a relative few votes, but they lost the House,” he stated. “And the GOP can now block these radical kook programs that Biden’s pushing. They can conduct investigations.”

“They can do what they need to do, and they damn well better,” he continued. “But is this good enough? No, it’s not good enough.”

“If the Republicans allow the same D.C. establishment, many of whom you see on TV all the time, telling you how smart they are and they know everything, if they allow them to control the agenda and the money, the future is bleak,” he predicted.

If instead, “people govern like conservatives, the Senate will be mathematically positioned for Republicans to have big gains” in 2024.

“The message out of this is, listen to the Washington experts, the Washington establishment, the… Washington politicians and the Republican Party will get smeared,” Levin concluded. “I want you to think for yourself. Don’t let these people think for you.”

Melissa Fine


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