Masked college white girls are just ‘really into Hamas’

Liberal women, particularly liberal white women, appear to be “really into Hamas,” judging by their behavior these past few weeks.

As evidence of this phenomenon, conservatives have been pointing to video after video showing flocks of young, college-aged women donning keffiyehs and protesting on behalf of Hamas.

One white woman in particular has been making the rounds. She’s a leftist PhD candidate at Columbia University who was observed on camera demanding “humanitarian aid” for her fellow protesters.


According to reporter Jordan Schachtel, her name is Johannah King-Slutzky, and she’s studying “theories of the imagination & poetry as interpreted through a Marxian lens.” She also previously worked for the terror-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Another viral video shows throngs of virtually all young female Columbia students fighting with the police, trying to avoid arrest.


Note what Richard Hanania of the CSPI Center tweeted: “Masked college girls are just really into Hamas.” Indeed.

See how others responded to his video below:

The polling data also shows that young women are into Hamas.

A Gallup poll conducted five months ago found that a 52 percent majority of women and 67 percent majority of adults 18-34 oppose Israel’s attacks on Hamas. Conversely, 44 percent of women and a 59 percent majority of men support Israel’s attacks.

Below is a viral image from the ongoing campus protests. Note again the presence of so many young women, all of them masked up and also wearing a keffiyeh:

See how others responded to the photo below:

The great irony is that these are all presumably leftist women who’ve read “The Handmaid’s Tale” and think the book is descriptive of life in the modern United States.

Meanwhile, they have nothing to say about the vast human rights abuses that Palestinian women in Gaza face daily.

“According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, 59% of married women and girls [in Gaza] experienced violence at the hands of their partner, and the Women’s Centre for Legal Aid and Counselling expected the numbers for 2023 to rise due to conflict and deprivation,” Amnesty International notes.

Making matters worse, there’s little justice for those women who are abused.

For example, when sisters Wissam and Fatimah al-Tawil were arrested in January at a safe house where they’d been hiding from their father’s abuse, Hamas handed them back to their uncle. The uncle then drove them back home to their abusive father.

Vivek Saxena


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