Matteo: The raid on Trump’s home

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Donald Trump is guilty…of exposing the incompetence, hypocrisy and double standards that characterize the federal government and many Americans are lining up behind the former president.

The barrage of attacks against former President Trump has been unwavering by high-ranking Democrats and RINO Republicans that led to two unsuccessful attempts to remove him from office (and the second, bizarrely, came AFTER he was out of office), and now the FBI was unleashed to invade his private home. The question is why? Throughout the nation’s history, there has been intense dislike between politicians, but there has never been this amount of vitriol that has manifested itself in these kinds of attacks that use government agencies to silence someone who is no longer in office, let alone, a former president.

Former President Trump has been one of the most ardent critics of the Biden Administration. However, every criticism targeted at the current administration is justified.  Since taking office, Biden’s executive orders and policies have been to undo much of what Trump accomplished during his presidency: America was a nation that was energy independent, the stock market was flourishing and the average American was doing far better than under Biden. Under Biden, the country has entered a recession (despite their attempts to redefine the characteristics of “recession), his Afghanistan withdrawal left billions of dollars of American military equipment to the Taliban, and his inability to control “crazy Nancy Pelosi” has led to serious issues in the U.S. relationship with China.

Other national leaders may not have liked Trump, but at least they were not making him the source of jokes, which has been the case with Biden and Vice President Harris in their embarrassing overseas moments.

Former President Trump has been outspoken about so many of the issues that trouble Americans who do not want their children indoctrinated by woke teachers, who don’t want to pay for debts racked up by those whom leftists claim weren’t old enough to take out college loans at 18, but who are old enough to determine their genders at age six.

The average American is fed up with seeing his/her retirement accounts and money in the bank dwindle and all intelligent citizens are disgusted with the open borders that allow a flood of illegal immigrants to enter American cities. Most Americans don’t want to defund the police and realize that crime hurts good people of all races. Trump’s popularity among many Americans coincides with the disdain that many Americans feel for President Biden, and this is a chief source of anxiety for Democrats who realize that the midterm elections in November will shift power in Congress to heavily favor Republicans. It is this fear that has resulted in the continued attacks on Trump and every American knows it.

Given the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story by mainstream media prior to the election and then the subsequent revelations (after the election) that the story was indeed relevant and true, the Jeffrey Epstein story and non-naming of names, it’s beyond belief that the FBI would find none of these as important as raiding Trump’s home. These, and Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan to stir up trouble between the US and China, are weapons of mass distraction that are intended to misdirect the emotions of the American public so there won’t be a red wave of representatives taking over Congress in November.

However, all of it has failed, and many Americans are seeing all the things that those on the left have done as being un-American and it will push them to vote against Democrats in the upcoming election.

Attorney General Merrick Garland’s comments about his disdain for those on the right make him unfit to hold the office of attorney general. He has been accused of telling the FBI to investigate parents who voice their concerns at school board meetings, and labeling well-meaning parents as “domestic terrorists.” He has made very clear his desire to prosecute anyone remotely involved with the January 6th incident and has used all the powers of the Department of Justice to punish anyone involved.

Yet, like most liberals, this is all about identity politics. Where has the FBI or DOJ been when ANTIFA was rioting and destroying federal buildings? Where have the resources been to investigate any wrongdoing by anyone on the left? What is the name of the Supreme Court clerk who leaked information about the Dobbs decision and why hasn’t this person been as ardently prosecuted as those who were involved in the January 6th ‘insurrection’? Surely, these were incidents that merited the use of recourses that were at the disposal of the DOJ.  Perhaps the writing of this article will get me placed on a list of domestic terrorists (even though I no longer reside in the U.S.) because I am daring to question the objectivity of a department that should be now known as the Department of Injustice or perhaps, The Department of Selective Justice.

Many writers, including myself, have seen parallels between many of the things that the Biden Administration has done with what George Orwell wrote in 1984. However, 1984 was a book about a dystopian society that was already under the thumb of authoritarian rulers.  The events of stifling anything that could remotely support the right is actually more reminiscent of what Orwell wrote in Animal Farm, and the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago is far more similar to Napoleon’s ousting of his political opponent, Snowball, who barely escaped Napoleon’s rabid dogs, which allowed Napoleon to take total control over Animal Farm.

Justice cannot be one-sided, and the use of any federal agency to go after those whose politics differ from their own is what leads to totalitarianism. Justice must be objective or it is unjust. Attempts by the administration to create a disinformation board to basically censor anyone whose ideas conflicted with its own, using federal agencies to seek out vendettas against anyone who threatens the power of those on the left and the perpetuation of a way of life that is both abhorrent and alien to most Americans is not the American way.

Traditional American ideals demand debate and discourse, not censorship and the redefining of words to rationalize a political narrative that the majority of citizens reject or fail to support.


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